5 Giant Underground Fridge in Samara Russia

Giant Underground Fridge in Samara Russia

Posted on August 9, 2015 by tim

Sergey has visited a huge underground structure in the Russian city of Samara. This refrigerator can hold up to two hundred railway cars of food! The Soviet Union liked to build big, and this is one of the examples of such construction. Also, from outside you would never, ever suspect that there is something that huge below this regular red brick building in the middle of the city. Soviet authorities were keeping the strategic surplus of food here for Samara city. Samara has a population of one million citizens and in case of a disaster they need lots of food, so they built this huge storage locker and placed it deep underground under a regular house so that the enemy would not suspect it and would not bomb it. Even many of the people who live here don’t suspect that such a huge structure is hidden underground, and thanks to Sergey we can see it too now! Welcome inside.

From the backyard of the building you can see the trucks unloading. How such a small building can let those huge trucks unload inside one can ask, and the answer is it’s a huge underground facility.

Originally, it was a mine or a stone quarry. In 1939 they finished mining and started using it to store fish. Samara is a big city next to the Volga river, so fish were plenty there. Then after WW2 they started storing army ammunition here. They brought it from all across the Soviet Union.

But then in 1958 the Russian department of surpluses got it and started installing the refrigeration machinery inside.

In total, this refrigerated storage can hold 16400 tons of food! The food was sent here from all of the Soviet Union. When food got close to the expiration date, it was distributed into stores for sale and new fresh food arrived.

The machines use freon gas and can keep the temperature below -26 centigrade.


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  1. Bob says:

    Thank you, very interesting!

  2. john says:

    Very interesting,and thank you for the posting.

  3. RB says:

    Awesome place and it is always interesting to hear about Russian people. I use to work in a ice-creme freezer (-50), we had to come out every hour to clean ice off the face. It was a smart idea to keep moving boxes to make heat,not sure if I would have thought of that.

  4. Ivan says:

    This was an utterly interesting, distinguish and awesome site… it has now turned into another jewtube.


  5. JBDragon says:

    Sometimes you just need to remove everything and defrost the place out!!! At which time you can do any repairs that are not possible when it’s so cold.

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