7 No Justice for Migrant Workers

No Justice for Migrant Workers

Posted on July 28, 2015 by tim

On this video footage some Russian kids treat immigrant workers from Southern ex Soviet republics as low as they can. “Where are you from? Where were you born? In Tajikistan? Then this is your present from Russia (slaps in a face)”. The kid is really young, probably ten or twelve old but bullies a whole bunch of migrant workers, who often treated as slaves as they don’t have necessary papers to work and value their income too much to go to police. And that’s not only trouble for migrant workers in Russia:

Sometimes there are classifieds being posted in Russian cities saying “Would sell asians”. Illegal migrant workers being sold as commodity in Russia.

24c82e278bc1929c617822038868f3cbHow awful is this!

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7 Responses to “No Justice for Migrant Workers”

  1. hypno says:

    Little primitive.

  2. Ching says:

    this english russia is getting very boring, there used to be lots pictures uploaded each week and lately it was almost 2 weeks before anything was added, maybe this site is fading away just like america is with their business.

  3. Jon says:

    It is the same in the US and, I suspect, most of the world. It is exactly what I would expect under capitalism. Dog eat dog.

  4. Vijay says:

    I couldn’t see the video but, the wordings are sad. People are people and no need to mistreat anyone. Prayers for all involved.

  5. gecoon says:

    This imigrants, build your country, and make that job what you not want to do,and work harder and chipper than you, so congratulations Mother Russia, for that stiupid kids. Sad :/

  6. HO FO SHO says:

    This is how young people become radicalized.

  7. Roma says:

    In the last pic Prodam Aziatov doesnt means Would sell asians… it means he sells asians dogs )))

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