12 Three Russian Guys Travel Across Country in an Old Soviet Car

Three Russian Guys Travel Across Country in an Old Soviet Car

Posted on July 25, 2015 by tim

Three Russian guys decided to go on an unusual adventure – travel across Russia in an old Soviet car. Basically, this car was always treated as a parody of a normal car and was always ridiculed in funny stories, etc. It only has forty horsepower and the car’s basic appearance stayed the same from the 1960’s until the 1990’s when they stopped producing them in Ukraine. However it didn’t stop them from taking one of the cars for a journey. So here are some pics.

The car proved to be pretty good in off-road conditions – like crossing a river.

“Just saw a bear!”


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12 Responses to “Three Russian Guys Travel Across Country in an Old Soviet Car”

  1. Matjaz says:

    Realy great adwenture)

    hard to bellive tah this tiny car managed all this roads.

  2. Pedro de Lara says:

    Great trip. I hope they enjoyed it all!

  3. Dusty says:

    Amazing little car. Many purpose built off-road vehicles would not do as well in those conditions. I notice they did add a front mounted winch to assist when they got stuck.

  4. hbrosselard says:

    superbe aventure !

  5. Andrew says:

    Offroading of this car you can see here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCM63zSbzxs

  6. Frank says:

    It is amazing what punishment that little car could take. When I first saw the pictures I actually thought it was a NSU Prinz.

  7. CZenda says:

    I really like the “banger rally” concept. There is a similar group of enthusiasts driving yellow DDR Trabants and Polish Maluch around the globe here. They also shoot documentaries for local TV. Adorable feat. This is for real… not like what the three dudes with unlimited money and support staff used to do in Top Gear.

  8. Ching says:

    i prefer to use chinese military vehicle real tough and strong, i like using tracked vehicles in this situation and when i go across a road or up a road i just rip up road as its cheaper to replace road then by using rubber tracks.

  9. Daniel @ Find Return says:

    Did you guys make it all the way?

  10. Marie says:

    Hahaha, those little drawings really cracked me up :)

  11. frank says:

    You don’t get it,do you?

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