31 One Day in the LIfe of a Doctor in a Russian Village

One Day in the LIfe of a Doctor in a Russian Village

Posted on July 12, 2015 by tim

In Russia doctors hardly earn millions. $10,000 a year is a dream for many. Normally they earn maybe half of this per year. This doctor in a village probably gets even less. Here is her life and her environment reviewed.

She sleeps right in her working place.

Here she is.

She washes her hands and face in this sink which doesn’t have a drain, just a bucket in the cabinet below, so she’s got to be careful not to let it overflow.

This is a toilet. Covered with a lid to fight the odor. It can’t be flushed, it’s just a hole in the ground.

She drinks her morning coffee here.

Having a meal. Not bad.

And reading a newspaper.

Then her morning starts with starting her furnace to heat up the house (which is also her office).

But not all that bad! An iphone and social networks. Though she says there is only one place in the house she can get a signal.

Then, after her breakfast she goes to the office to wait for the patients.


Here is a couch.

Here she is: a doctor.

First patients arrive.

Because doctors earn almost nothing, patients try to bring some treats to spice up their lives. This couple has brought these fishes.

More and more patients start arriving. Medical services are free in Russia.

Many like to chat.

Another treat.

And more treats.

It’s just 11 am but she has already treated a few patients and gotten some free food from them.

She must also take care of paperwork to log all of the patients and the amount of the medicines and drugs she gives away. Some drugs are free, too.

At 12 noon her shift is over and she must then do her house chores. Like washing the clothes. 

This is the scenery around her home. Shot with an iPhone.

And this is a local store.

A saleswoman – the retailer in this store.

And a customer.

Prices are like this – lemons 5 dollar a kilo, eggs – 3 dollars for 10.

Some luncheon meat. Locals buy stuff on credit if they can’t afford it now.

So the doctor returns from the store and eats a big sandwich while reading her e-book.

There is no washing machine as there is no water supply in the house – she must get the water herself from about 100 meters away using a bucket.

Sun is out.

She meets Pavel, a local guy. He says his head is aching and so he has a bandage on his head. But he heads to a store to get some “treatment”, probably vodka. Also take a look at the wooden sidewalk.

Anna – complains that she lost her cat.

This guy, Nickolai, is going hunting.

And this is a banya – bath house – sort of sauna.

And here the doctor gets her water, she brought her bucket herself.

And heads back home.

When she gets home she finds a bucket with a herring inside. Someone brought another treat to her while she was away.

So she cooks her free food.

And reads local books.

besides her shift in an office the doctor has to visit patients at home.

So she heads to this granny. She is ninety years old.

Then she gets back and reads before falling asleep.

That’s how she lives!

Is this worth mentioning and admiring or just normal life, nothing more nothing less, like everyone else’s life? Remember, she gets probably $400 a month for all this.

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31 Responses to “One Day in the LIfe of a Doctor in a Russian Village”

  1. Vijay says:

    Her life is very rich. She has a lot of emotional wealth. Thanks for her efforts. :)

  2. todd says:

    this is sad

  3. ed brown says:

    This is not Russia.
    It cannot be Russia since Russia is a modern prosperous country.
    With strong army, many tanks and rockets.

    I think these photos are from Latin America.
    From one of those Third World countries.
    Paraguay or Peru, but not Russia.

    • Alain says:

      Yes, I think you are right. Certainly high in the mountains of Peru. Or maybe in Nepal ? Cannot be mighty Russia, whom the whole world envy…

    • wunx says:

      Shocking, isnt it? If you exlude moscow and petersburg most of this shit country looks like this :)

    • szkandi says:

      Russia is only the one country on the planet, where you can see carpet on the wall.

      no fu*king idea, why, but it’s true

      • Andrew says:

        szkandi, carpet on the wall is for decoration and for thermal and acoustic insulation.

      • wunx says:

        I wonder if they put paintings on the floor :D

      • EditS says:

        Partly for decoration but most the reason is insulation from the cold winter. You can see carpet on wall in eastern country, arab countrys too. In Turkey nearly in every house you find this. In some culture the thick expensive carpet on the wall mean your wealth.

  4. szkandi says:


  5. Vijay says:

    There are such places even among developed nations. This is only natural. :)

    • Alain says:

      I dare you find such a doctor office in Western Europe or the US, anywhere. Eastern Europe, maybe (leftover of Russian occupation…)

  6. Ivan says:

    Central Africa?!

  7. Andrew says:

    This is literally ends of the earth. Village Ustje is located here http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=67.565828&lon=52.593269&z=12&m=b

  8. zulpin says:

    very tough woman doctor lived in lonely planet

  9. john says:

    That is one very special lady doctor,i wish her well.

  10. grace golab says:

    In US doctors make hundreds of thousands dollars per year. Will not cure you but will take all your money away. I know 3 doctors, millioners, house $500000, 2 cars $100000 each.2 condominiums in Chicago with lake view $1.5 mln each just for fan.In Poland chain of dental clinics. But I will not go them, rather die, I use herbs, vitamins, when I am sick. Advise I got from them about my cholesterol was stupid. I cured it with vitamin C & Niacin.

  11. IDEAL says:

    May God Bless Her…

  12. Ronald says:

    There are several places just as bad as this in the south-east parts of the U.S. Look up the documentary “Lalee’s Kin” on YouTube, and you can see just how big of a shit-hole USA is in some places.

  13. Vijay says:

    Wiki on Lalee’s kin. Thanks for info. on this. Shows that such places exist elsewhere also, even in US.


  14. mister..steed says:

    Difficult to translate the explanatory text online translator? ‘t believe me.
    Here is a link to the original article.
    And the text from there:

    “Hello, my name is Natalia. I am 43 years old.
    I will show you one your working day may 12 at the position of paramedic small village on the edge of the world.
    Venue – Nenets Autonomous Okrug. A few tens of kilometers from Naryan-Mar and minutes from Pustozersk, the first polar Russian city, founded in the XV century.
    But to the topic: It was something like a six-week business trip.

    I will show you one your working day may 12 at the position of paramedic small village on the edge of the world.
    Venue – Nenets Autonomous Okrug. A few tens of kilometers from Naryan-Mar and minutes from Pustozersk, the first polar Russian city, founded in the XV century.
    But to the topic: It was something like a six-week business trip.”

  15. Tutan Camon says:

    Respect to the lady doctor!!!

  16. udi says:

    in Sri lanka we have free health, but after 4pm doctors go to do private and earn lot of money. there doctors who earns more than $1000 per day. that lot of money for a third wirld country

  17. Mister Twister says:

    And where is this located?

  18. Roberto Valdez says:

    very interesting!…

  19. detective mittens says:

    This is the Nenets okrug, the extreme north of Russia. It is very hard to survive there. There the winter lasts for 10 months, also with no roads to connect the region with the central road network of Russia, so you can only travel in and out by plane. You can see tons and tons of logs in front of her house. They have to work extremely hard to prepare for winter. They can’t grow anything. They can only fish, herd reindeer and log and they only do it to survive (ofc with more urban settlements it is different story, I’m talking about villages)

  20. Ivan says:

    I really like her way of living.

    ¡Greetings from Ushuaia!

  21. EditS says:

    She is amazing woman. Yes this is Russia, where are so many extremely wealthy people living too.
    This is the another side of Russia. Some place in Romania is ever worst.

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