19 Rich Kids of Azerbaijan

Rich Kids of Azerbaijan

Posted on June 28, 2015 by tim

Azerbaijan was a Soviet Republic, one of the fifteen, and now is independent state rich with oil and ruled by a dynasty of presidents – first there was a father ruler, now his son is a president and a ruler. So at least a small percentage of population seems to enjoy luxury living standards which they publish around in their instagrams and facebook for public viewing. Here is a set of those, collected across internet.


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19 Responses to “Rich Kids of Azerbaijan”

  1. Pom2Ter says:

    Unless the camera is shit the first 100$ bill on top of the stack is fake… the 100 and watermarks are way to flimsy for them to be real 100$ bills. That’s just counterfeit money. And real bad counterfeit…

  2. Alper says:

    I am Azeri and not all of these pictures are in Azerbaijan, what the hell EnglishRussia?

  3. Kent says:

    Page six, guy behind the Boxter is giving the Isis salute.

  4. bross says:

    Poor people

  5. Kent says:

    oops. Panamera not boxter

  6. Bijdehans says:

    Typical behaviour for a country where men think they are more beautiful than women and act accordingly…

  7. Edmund says:

    Profession: Son.

  8. Rabbi Goldstein says:

    All that money loaned from the Central Bank.

    They can keep their assets if they serve us well, for now.

  9. lah says:

    third picture (the girl inside the corvette) is not from Azerbaijan. It’s a residence in Turkey Bakirkoy region, around the İstanbul Ataturk Airport next to the water purification station.

  10. lah says:

    Second to last picture on 2. page is also from Turkey, the cars have Istanbul number plates.

  11. AnonymousCowHerd says:

    Never ever ever touch the paint!

  12. bob says:

    LOL, they look like nice people :/

  13. Rossii says:

    Please Mtr. Putin take care again of these renegade countries and bring them back home.

  14. Tutan Camon says:

    Stupid(jegosi cocalari) peoples……

  15. sinan says:

    In terms of corruption, nepotism and thus lack of freedom, Azerbaijan is almost as bad as Turkmenistan. Actually, as bad, yes, but with slightly better-educated population. Disgusting really.

  16. Barrie says:

    Look very carefully in most of the pictures the background is of poor quality photography looking more like 1950’s so the cars could be superimposed.

  17. phil says:

    all bullshit!

  18. phil says:

    bad pics, look very old. But who the hell is the photographer?

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