21 Sochi the Olympic City Got Massively Flooded Today

Sochi the Olympic City Got Massively Flooded Today

Posted on June 25, 2015 by tim

The Russian city of Sochi, the host of Winter Olympics 2014, got a massive flooding today. According to reports all Sochi is flooded by the river Herota (literary means “River Bullshit” in Russian) which rose because of the non-stop rains. Because of this even the city airport is flooded with planes landing on the airfields having a few inch of water. Also, the arriving and departing tourists wander across the airport with their feet submerged in the water. These and many other pictures inside of this posting.


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21 Responses to “Sochi the Olympic City Got Massively Flooded Today”

  1. Irvine Meyer says:

    Chris, don’t be a jerk.

  2. EvaShinoda says:

    What a Luck :(

  3. putja says:

    Thats for invading the Ukraine. Enjoy.

  4. putler says:

    ha ha Im so happy for this. Russians suck.

  5. Vijay says:

    Amazing set of pictures, very touching, shows the power of nature, thanks for sharing.

  6. IronWolf says:

    Proud Lithuanian scum here. Suck it russian losers ! Nice airport !

    • Rom says:

      What do you proud coward Lithuanian scum? How sweet US dick in your mouth? So long resentful loser. ER for you.

  7. Ben says:

    I,m sure if this would be in the US the media all over the world would be full of this story for weeks… but this is Russia, the main enemy of the so called free world… the free people do not have to know one bit of this. It is the same with forest fires…when in the US every citizen of the world gets to know it instantly, when in Russia it will remain a story untold. Such a vexed thing is the free world…

  8. Ironwolf says:

    Good one. Is that English ? What are you illiterate ? Muahahaha !!!!!!!

    • Rom says:

      Yea! Lithuanian slaves should know language its owner/host much better. Like Russian language recently. Do you speak German? Nein? Right! Angela Merkel is US puppet too. Why study puppet language?! P.S. This text from online translation service too.

  9. ironwolf11 says:

    LOL! You are funny! Ignorant, but funny. Russia will never break Lithuanians. You tried but you lost. You are a prisoner of your own beliefs and the propoganda that has been forced fed to you. Russia has invented it’s own enemies. Enjoy your life. Go see and experience the world. All the best to you.

    • Rom says:

      You are so blind/brainwashed in particular “Russia will never break Lithuanians”. Where did you get this crap? Russia is not trying to break Lithuanians. Russia wanted to spit on Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia or Poland. Sleep in peace and ask your parents translate inosmi.ru/world/20150710/229014662.html or use online translator.

  10. Vijay says:

    We have to pray for all people affected by natural disasters. Nature is very powerful.

  11. Ironwolf says:

    The 50 + soviet occupation was an attempt to eradicate and break Lithuanians. You tried and failed. Perhaps you should read a non soviet edited history book.

  12. Ironwolf says:

    It’s funny how you can accuse anyone of being brainwashed. How sad for you

  13. Ironwolf says:

    BTW – I am an American, not Lithuanian. Go USA !!!

  14. Ironwolf says:

    It’s interesting how Russia thinks they know what is best for other countries that want nothing to do with them. Your article is nothing but an anti EU article. Typical Putin propoganda. Personally, I dont give a shit what happens to Europe – they are weak. Mess with the US and we will kick your ass, despite all the bullshit Putin is giving about modernizing the military. By the time those “new” ‘advanced” systems are tested, vetted and deployed en masse on the front lines they will be outdated technology.

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