7 Anti Riot Police Training Looks like an Actual Riot

Anti Riot Police Training Looks like an Actual Riot

Posted on June 3, 2015 by tim

If you watch this video without being told what’s going on here, you probably would figure out that some sort of riot is going on somewhere in Russia and police is trying to suppress it. In reality though, its far from truth – both sides here are police officers. One group attacks another in something which is very realistically looks like a riot. Guns shot, stone thrown, water guns used – very cool. Just take a look.

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7 Responses to “Anti Riot Police Training Looks like an Actual Riot”

  1. Andrew says:

    This has no chance against Molotov cocktail, burning tires, flying stones and fireworks. Proved by ukrainians.

  2. Oldeafcoot says:

    What’s missing is shotguns. If somebody cocks their arm with a Molotov cocktail, a rock or any other deadly missile, shoot them. You don’t have to kill them. Shoot a load of 7 1/2 or 8 shot into the sidewalk or street on front of them and the pellets will ricochet into their legs. A couple of shotgun pellets into the scrotum will tame even the toughest guy.
    It’s very effective and puts stop to that nonsense very quickly. If you have ever broken up a riot with shotguns, you would never want to use anything else!

  3. ed brown says:

    Defend Putin! Say “NO” to democracy! Freedom shall not pass!

    • Soviet Samurai says:

      Defend Obama say “Yes” to world police, one world government to rule them all!

    • Todol says:

      Defend Obama! Say “YES” to the NSA because I’m a an American patriot who follows the government unconditionally.

      Or American cops usually say….

      “Let’s shoot at unarmed protesters, they are minorities anyway…I’ll get a pay rise after this”

  4. tsapai says:

    They preparing for the future actions in soviet-russia

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