4 Moscow 1963 Photographed by Burt Glinn

Moscow 1963 Photographed by Burt Glinn

Burton Samuel Glinn was an American professional photographer who worked with Magnum Photos. He covered many significant
historic moments, including those he made in the USSR in 1963. You may see these pictures right now inside this post.

3 Shooting the Parade from Red Square

Shooting the Parade from Red Square

Blogger fotografersha occupied a nice place at the monument to Minin and Pozharskiy on Red Square of Moscow to take images of
the Victory Day parade from there. According to the blogger it was the best location for shooting. Let's see...

3 World War II: Rare Pictures

World War II: Rare Pictures

It's hard to imagine how photographers did their job during the war, but obviously they had to do it with a gun in their hands sometimes...Thanks to their
dedication and courage we can see the horrors of that war today. Here you can see rare photographs of life at the front and behind enemy lines.

1 Parade Vehicles From Almaz Antey Group Company

Parade Vehicles From Almaz Antey Group Company

You've seen a lot of vehicles that participated in the parade on Victory Day (May, 9) in Moscow. This post is about the parade military equipment produced by JSC "Almaz-Antey". Almost 200 vehicles
were shown at the parade, twenty-four of them were made by "Almaz-Antey", including missile launch systems S-400 "Triumph", air defence systems "Tor-M2U", missile systems "Buk-M2".

9 The Story About the Blogger Who Was Not Allowed to Do His Job on the Parade

The Story About the Blogger Who Was Not Allowed to Do His Job on the Parade

Ilya Varlamov aka blogger zyalt was one of those who decided to come to the Victory Parade on May 9 and take some nice photos, but everything didn't go as smooth as he had expected... Every journalist was provided with a vehicle - some of them simply
mounted a Go Pro cam on the armor, others put on military uniform and joined the crew sitting on the top of the moving vehicle. Ilya was provided with "Typhoon" based on "Ural" vehicle, three seats in the cabin, he sat in the middle.

7 Cool Russian NIVA Hack

Cool Russian NIVA Hack

If you live in Europe you probably know this car - Russian LADA NIVA. A cheap 4x4 coupe car with a price tag often three-four times lower than any other SUVs. Its design stays unchanged at
most - except some minor changes - since its initial launch in early 1980s. So what this guy made to his NIVA makes it really stand out. Take a look and tell me what do you think?
0 Russian Navy Seals

Russian Navy Seals

Navy Seals. For real! This is hilarious, isn't it? However this is a serious news about seals in military training. IN TRAINING.
SEALS. Want to get a navy seal? You might order one by mail probably, I am not sure if they accept mail orders though.

10 From Brest to Berlin: Amazing Photo Project of Sergey Larenkov

From Brest to Berlin: Amazing Photo Project of Sergey Larenkov

Photographer Sergey Larenkov had been making these pictures for long six years. They depict cities ruined by WWII including those European hero-cities that were liberated from the fascism in bloody battles. There
are generally more than 1000 photos in the project, right now we are going to show you fifty of them. Well, let's travel back to 1941.. (in the image above are defenders of the Brest fortress).

3 Dry Law In Russia

Dry Law In Russia

Dry laws in Russia? Yes, they had some. Thirty years ago, on May 7, 1985 the authorities created a new law against drunkenness and moonshine making, the law turned out to be fateful... In 1914 they passed the dry law and .. the Russian
Empire collapsed... 1985 was the year of "the antialcoholic resolution" and the USSR fell down too. Stalin, by the way, looked back over earlier mistakes and never initiated dry laws. They do not work well in Russia.

36 New Armata Tanks

New Armata Tanks

Russian "Armata" T-14, T-15 tanks aroused much interest in the foreign press, being compared to American "Abrams", many experts say that the new Russian tank has better characteristics than its American competitor. Its weight is 48 tons, speed 50 mph. It is able to fire up to twelve RPM from a 125 mm gun at different types of
munitions including guided missiles. The tanks are equipped with a radar to detect incoming threats and destroy them with a rocket. The weight of American "Abrams" varies from 65 to 70 tons, its maximum speed is just more than 40 mph. Now you can have a closer look at "Armata" T-14, T-15 tanks.

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