5 Taxi in Russia

Taxi in Russia

Posted on May 31, 2015 by tim

Taxi in Russia is like this… Well, actually its an ad, but very cleverly made and holds your attention all the way thru. You might want to take a look, this video has already got almost one million views just in couple of days. Make sure English subtitles are on.

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5 Responses to “Taxi in Russia”

  1. Rob Normann says:

    Hahaha, the last one was excellent, i had wet my pants. I hope i never will experience something like that.

  2. Yuri says:

    It’s awesome! I would have chosen – “faster.” )))

  3. detective mittens says:

    OK now I know if the taxi driver asks me what mode do I want, I will never choose adventure!

    • Yuri says:

      What about “romantic?” :-D

      • detective mittens says:

        That would be quite risky too… If the guy comes and offers me a ring I would not like it.
        BUT if some hot chick comes in and offers me some “romantic time” on the back seat of the taxi I would graciously accept that offer (of course the taxi driver would have to get out and wait us finish). I think that would be worth the risk ))

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