28 How do they make the famous AK-47 in Russia

How do they make the famous AK-47 in Russia

Posted on May 30, 2015 by tim



AK-47 assault rifles are very famous all over the world, everyone knows about the quality of these Russian guns. Blogger Ilya Varlamov Zyalt visited the homeland of the AK-47 rifles.    The main “Kalashnikov” factory is in Izhevsk, Russia.

Let’s walk around the “Kalashnikov” factory and see how they make the most famous assault rifles in the world.

There is nothing really special about the way Russian AK-47’s are made. First off, they make small details and then they just put them together. The genius is in the simplicity.

The only difference is that the small pieces are handmade.

All the pieces pass through heat treatment.

Not only do men work at the “Kalashnikov” factory… Remember the seven Russian women? Did you notice the green headphones?

Look how cute the atmosphere is in the working area…


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28 Responses to “How do they make the famous AK-47 in Russia”

  1. Rob Normann says:

    Unfortunately there are a big demand for weapons in this world, and it is not seemingly being better even if we write 2015. One should believe the human being should evolve after what the scientists tell us, but whats happening is quite the opposite. Just take a look at the guys in Kiev.

    • Soviet Samurai says:

      Buy American guns, sell to Ukranian idiots so they can kill each other and Russians. Type Russian propaganda a lot and produce lots of Hollywood movies with Russian villains. Problem solved.

  2. jeff k says:

    Isn’t it AK-74? AK-47 is bit old design and while there are knock-offs in production I don’t think Kalashnikov still makes them.

    • Hendra says:

      yes you are correct they do not make any ak47’s anymore, in fact no one uses ak47’s now, the only ones that use ak47’s would be african rebels.

  3. Communict Cat says:

    Those are not AK-47s… Most if not all are AK-74Ms and some Saiga-12s are seen.

  4. Pom2Ter says:

    Ain’t some of those AK-101/AK-103 and the smaller and compact versions AK-102/AK-104? just asking since they look like those a lot

  5. Blobbi says:

    AK-47 was build there only untill 1959. Then came the AKM, which was an updated version. The AK-74 (guess which year) is what most people mean, when they say AK-47. But that is a whole different gun, with a different caliber. The AK-12 was passed over by the russian military, instead the AEK-971 is supposed to become the replacment for the AK-74 and AK-100 (limited numbers), but in 2014 they recanted and now both weapons are supposed to be used. Albeit only the new version of the AEK-971 has been purchased in relevant numbers.

  6. ed brown says:

    Looks very primitive.

    Any modern factory that produces bikes must have more
    technologies and must require more skills from their

    • Daniil says:

      Your thinking is primitive, no offense.

      • ed brown says:

        On one of the photos, the newly-made “Saiga” rifle has RUST on its metal parts. They cannot guaranty good quality of their product.

        • Muzzlehatch says:

          They haven’t been painted yet.

          • Dan_The_Man says:

            I guess “ed brown” doesn’t know a whole lot about modern industrial processing, or the way metal reacts to it’s surrounding during the manufacturing process. And I bet he’s one of the AR-15 fanboys, lol.

            Ever seen a how a brand new Porsche or an M16 looks before before they put on the coating, “ed brown”?

  7. Darius says:

    “I think this picture tells a lot why Russian “Kalashnikov” made AK-47’s are the best assault rifles in the world – handmade quality will always beat mechanical production.” – I do not agree with this. What makes the difference is attention to details, quality control (inspections). Machines have an advantage over human labor – they never get tired and they do not do mistakes. If something is of a lower quality coming from a machine – then it is the human operators fault or the engineers fault who did not design the machine well enough. BTW the phrase also partially contradicts the pictures. In pictures there are many machines producing parts for the guns. The assembling of the gun (and in general many other products) – I believe it is manual in many factories, not only Russian gun factories.

  8. ed brown says:

    QUOTE: “Kalashnikov” AK-47’s are the best assault rifles in the world – handmade quality will always beat mechanical production.

    Very true. All modern cars and electronic gadgets are handmade with stone axes and stone hammers and have rust on them.

  9. CZenda says:

    What a mess. This is how manufacturing facilities looked like here 20+ years ago.

    • Froggy says:

      You obviously never visited your own Brno factory & have not got the foggiest idea of what you are talking about.

  10. Tommo says:

    So that guy at the end, is it his job just to set of guns all day, every day.

  11. Pat says:

    Please install the front sight uncanted. Thanks.

  12. Pom2Ter says:

    Then at the end of the process they just throw them in a container that’s heading for Crimea and Chechnya!!!

  13. MK lied says:

    Best part is the “russian icon” Avtomat Kalashnikov was actually designed by Otto Schmeisser when he was kept at the Izmash factory as a prisoner of war 1946-1952. Even Michail Kalashnikov “slipped” in his later years and partially admitted it (in the 80s he even denied having seen a sturmgewehr before) . It´s a garand, stg-44, remington 8 etc, all in the same gun, as assembled by Otto Schmeisser. /end of lecture. And let the butthurt “stronk” begin… :D :P

    • Froggy says:

      True, the same way that Hitler’s rocket man put the US on the moon but who cares. The AK is probably the most iconic modern rifle design in the world and it’s Russian.

    • Jason says:

      Seriously?! an STG-44 is NOTHING at all like an AK mechanically. You have no clue what you are talking about.

      • MK lied says:

        Learn to read please. The list of weapons including the STG-44 was to name the guns that were copied to make the “kalashnikov” and the STG-44 was, without a doubt, one of them : Intermediate cartridge, curved removable magazine, select-fire and pressure of expanding gas used to reload the gun.
        Go back to school please.

        • Dan_The_Man says:

          Mikhail Kalashnikov and his design/development team saw the advantages of the German MP-43/StG-44 assault rifle series, true. But the idea of manufacturing a lightweight select-fire rifle capable of firing an intermediate round would eventually have come as a result of the battlefield experiences in WW2, even if the Germans had not made the “Sturmgewehr”. There are so many ignorant people claiming that the AK has to be a copy of the German Sturmgewehr, simply based on the looks of either weapon. This could not be further from the truth. The same people also very often can’t tell the difference between an AK and a Czech Sa vz. 58. The Kalashnikov pattern has absolutely nothing in common with the operational mechanics in the StG-44 etc. And Mr. Schmeisser’s involvement in the development of the AK was marginal at best. The Soviet engineers would never in a million years have given Mr. Schmeisser access to serious involvement in the design of their new assault rifle.

          In fact, the Sturmgewehr has lots more in common with the Heckler & Koch G3, than it has with the AK. Just compare a Sturmgewehr receiver and trigger mechanism with that of a CETME or a G3 (or even an MP5), and you will see the similarity.

  14. Eric says:

    Actually, plenty of companies still make rifles very close to the original AK in design. This is a non-AKM design. Milled receiver, etc.

  15. Ins says:

    “because of sanctions from the US and EU, the factory now has problems ”

    And why do these sanctions exists? Because russia invaded Krim, that is the real reason.

  16. Pepe Silvia says:

    Cheap stupid rifle for cheap stupid people.

    If it’s not built in Hartford it ain’t shit.

    • Dan_The_Man says:

      Yeah sure, the AR/M16 series are the best rifles ever made. NOT!!!!

      For more than fifty years, the AR/M16 series have made sure that American soldiers have died needlessly due to weapons malfunctioning in combat. And don’t give me that old BS excuse that “initially, it was only the ammunition that was the problem”. The AR/M16 has proven to be very, very unreliable in dire combat situations where one does not have the necessary time to clean and properly maintain such a delicate firearm. Not many years ago, eight American servicemen were killed in an ambush in Afghanistan. Of the eight, six were armed with M4 carbines, and two with the M249. When they were found dead by the rescue team, all men were found to still have plenty of ammunition left. The eight servicemen had a good static defense position, and did everything by the numbers. However, the bolts on their delicate M4s and M249s were all stuck in the receivers, literally seized in place. The guns had overheated, and the result was a firearm that, even after they had cooled off, still were completely useless. In the end, as a result of the *brilliant* (sarcasm) and *improved* (even more sarcasm) piece of engineering, eight US servicemen died.

      Had they been issued with for example the Izhmash AK-74M or the AK-103 or even a Chinese or North Korean knockoff, these eight servicemen would most likely still have been alive.

      Relying on an AR/M16 to save your life, is like relying on a Nigerian e-mail scammer to take care of your bank account.

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