3 Something in the Skies

Something in the Skies

Posted on May 21, 2015 by tim

Guys from Perm region (in Ural region) were preparing to get some evening smoke outside and then saw this. They couldn’t figure out what is it and why is it in their skies. Then the calls started saying “Have you seen that?”. Actually, of course, it might be just a regular launch of TOPOL-M ballistic missile from some hidden Ural launch site, but guys are pretty sure that those are aliens. “They film us back too, I am pretty damn sure!”, says one of them. Anyways, the show is pretty nice  whether this is a UFO or a man made missile.


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3 Responses to “Something in the Skies”

  1. Tommo says:

    It’s a UFO. “”One of the Topol-M’s most notable features is its short engine burn time following take-off, intended to minimize satellite detection of launches and thereby complicate both early warning and interception by missile defense systems during boost phase. The missile also has a relatively flat ballistic trajectory, complicating defense acquisition and interception”””

  2. Yuri says:

    Comments of stupid rednecks disgusting to listen.

  3. udi says:

    yes, it cant be a missile, if its a missile it cant be this slow, right. may be some kind of UFO

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