5 Cool Cakes from Russian Boxing Champ

Cool Cakes from Russian Boxing Champ

Posted on May 21, 2015 by tim

Renat Agzamov is interesting person – once a Russia boxing champion, he later became a champion again – now in the cake baking Russia national competition. He says he baked his first cake when he was 7 years old and since then it became a passion for life. He went to Sochi Culinary College and throughout his career baked over 2700 mostly wedding cakes! Like this one below which is a real world scale 17 inch tire. Let’s see some more pieces he made and meet the boxer-baker himself:

Star Wars.

The bottle is made of caramel, the nuts made of chocolate. Chocolate is his favorite ingredient.


One of the most popular cakes for girls.

Hunter themed cake.


This wave made of caramel and weights over 30 pounds!


Cake for a heart surgeon doctor.

Cool one too.


Renat got very popular on Instagram – over 450,000 of people following him. His motto there is “I am the happiest man on Earth – my hobby is my job”. Indeed he is happy! And you might want to follow him too or just check for more photos:

Renat’s Instagram


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5 responses to “Cool Cakes from Russian Boxing Champ”

  1. Felo says:


    Amazing what he is doing.

  2. Tshuhna says:

    Amazing artworks!

  3. john says:

    Great cakes.

  4. Yuri says:

    Amazing cakes. But Renat, rather, looks like a man which breakes cakes by means of faces other people. )))

  5. Slaven says:

    Where is Muricas cake boss now??

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