4 A Firefighters Tank Called The Dragon

A Firefighters Tank Called The Dragon

Posted on May 21, 2015 by tim

Elena, the reporter says that this year forest fires started way to early and she contacted the authorities to hear their forecast on the possible situation with fires. They told her it won’t be as in 2010 (the year when Moscow was covered with thick smog of forest fires and people were advised to keep windows tightly shut, no matter its +35 C outside). To prove they really mean it – no huge fires this year – they showed her a few of the novelties Moscow firefighters are going to use, including this fire fighting tank which we now, thanks to Elena, can see too.

Elena says firefighters call it “The Dragon”.

It has absolutely zero obstacles – can pass anywhere, except probably a deep swamp. Can go into the trenches over half meter deep or climb the walls of half meter high.


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4 Responses to “A Firefighters Tank Called The Dragon”

  1. john says:

    Awesome machine,

  2. deutschrassig says:

    i see lots of flaws in it’s design.

    basically it’s just a simple tracked tractor with a water tank.

    it has no fire protection for the driver, no air filter and air conditioning system for the cabin, no self protection from fire, it can’t carry more people than the driver, it’s terribly slow and underpowered.
    so in a real forest fire this piece of junk will be a death trap for it’s driver.

    just compare it to a real fire fighting tank, like the german Spot-55 oder the german AIRMATIC RED.

  3. macak says:


  4. keke says:

    I think, it is a bit more professional firefighter:

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