5 MI-14 Russian Amphibious Helicopter that Could Carry Nuclear Bombs

MI-14 Russian Amphibious Helicopter that Could Carry Nuclear Bombs

Posted on May 18, 2015 by tim

Previously I even didn’t know that such thing as amphibious helicopter exist at all. However, it seems that there is and a great example of this is a Russian (Soviet) amphibious helicopter MI-14 which could land on water, carry deep sea bombs and torpedoes and was used to hunt submarines. They say it was so powerful that in 1990s after USSR collapse America has pressed Yeltsin administration to take this helicopter of production in Russia as it was a real danger to the NATO navy and so they stopped the production. However it has been announced that now the production of this machine is being resumed again, some twenty years after. So lets read on and see what this wonder aircraft was all about?

Basically, it was not a Soviet idea to use helicopters to fight submarines. Americans started using Sikorsky R-4 to patrol their waters and Germans had ultra light helicopter Fl 282 for similar purposes.

Then, during the Cold War both sides of the conflict were racing in development of more sophisticated helicopters to monitor the deep sea in search of submarines. And Russians have taken their basic helicopter MI-8 and converted it into a flying boat – its lower part has got the boat shaped profile. Thanks to this shape it could float nicely and  could withstand storm up to 3-4 numbers of Beaufort scale.

The first MI-14 took flight in 1973. It got equipped with whole range of Soviet anti-boat equipment as well as anti-submarine bombs.


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5 Responses to “MI-14 Russian Amphibious Helicopter that Could Carry Nuclear Bombs”

  1. john says:

    That video,of what that helicopter can do, is just way to cool.

  2. Muzzlehatch says:

    How is this different from a Sikorsky Sea King?

  3. Ivan says:

    It’s sad to see this once a great site turning into propaganda bullshit. I very much suggest that English-Russian is taken over by Putin’s administration. Shame.

  4. Robert says:

    it may be a very good design,BUT, helicopters and salt water do not mix. it is a maintence nightmare..saltwater can eat aluminum faster than a kid eats candy..

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