1 Snipers On the Kremlin Roofs

Snipers On the Kremlin Roofs

Posted on May 11, 2015 by team

On May 9, during the Victory Day parade, many important persons were in the center of Moscow, leaders of other states and Russian president as well. So they had to provide perfect protection to make those people feel comfortable. Attentive visitors of the parade could notice many snipers on the Kremlin roofs, who, in their turn, could notice everyone from above too.


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  1. mikh says:

    Good to see the amount of vigilance.

    In every US-staged colour revolution and “springs”, like the ukraine most recently, there where always the “kick starters”, the snipers shooting both their own and the law to set things in motion.

    The US stooge Bang ki boom came with an outspoken expectation to see an uprising against the government and the man nearly 80% Russians approves of and was instead stunned and moved(!) to find out the opposite when millions proved the opposite of what he has been touted and marched with the pictures of the 25 millons heroes from the Great Patriotic war…

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