4 Unique Soviet Snow Mobile Zil E167

Unique Soviet Snow Mobile Zil E167

Posted on May 10, 2015 by team

ZiL-E167 (1963) is an experimental wheeled cross-country vehicle designed for use in adverse weather conditions in impassable remote areas of Siberia. ZiL was being developed under the lead of a woman, and this fact makes the project even more unique.

ZiS-E134 №1 (1955) whose units and strengthened chassis were used for creation of ZiL-E167.

The  Likhachev plant was entrusted to make a wheeled snowmobile with carrying capacity of three tons for transportation of people. The project had to be finished by January 1, 1963.

Basic characteristics of the vehicle:

1. Wheel arrangement — 6×6.
2. Power-to-rate ratio — at least 20 hp/t.
3. Ground clearance — at least 800 mm.
4. Wheel diameter – at least 1700 mm.
5. Smooth bottom to reduce resistance of the bullzoxer effect.
6. Contact pressure factor — 0,5 kg/cm2.
7. Automatic locking of differentials.
8. First gear ability rating — 0,8 at least.

Carrying capacity of the new vehicle was increased to five tons.

Original wheel-hub drive for installation of the wheel with tyre 21.00-28.

In the rear of the vehicle were two V 8 engines, 180 hp each. In front of the engine was a hydromechanical transmission that consisted of a fluid torque converter and a planetary automatic transmission from ZiL-135L.

ZiL-E152V got broken when was crossing the anti-tank ditch and the model of ZiS-E134 №2 with an increased chassis.

The vehicle had a special transmission that enabled the machine to start smoothly and shocklessly transfer torque to the wheels, so ZiL didn’t tear away the uppermost layer of soil, its wheels didn’t slip.

Specialists of the construction bureau ZiL at the snow mobile ZiL-E167.

For better maneuverability it could be steered by both front and rear wheels.  Bigger tyres provided higher ground clearance.


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  3. Would be really cool if it was restored or still in use

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