2 Unique Soviet Snow Mobile Zil E167

Unique Soviet Snow Mobile Zil E167

Posted on May 10, 2015 by team

ZiL-E167 (1963) is an experimental wheeled cross-country vehicle designed for use in adverse weather conditions in impassable remote areas of Siberia. ZiL was being developed under the lead of a woman, and this fact makes the project even more unique.

ZiS-E134 №1 (1955) whose units and strengthened chassis were used for creation of ZiL-E167.

The  Likhachev plant was entrusted to make a wheeled snowmobile with carrying capacity of three tons for transportation of people. The project had to be finished by January 1, 1963.

Basic characteristics of the vehicle:

1. Wheel arrangement — 6×6.
2. Power-to-rate ratio — at least 20 hp/t.
3. Ground clearance — at least 800 mm.
4. Wheel diameter – at least 1700 mm.
5. Smooth bottom to reduce resistance of the bullzoxer effect.
6. Contact pressure factor — 0,5 kg/cm2.
7. Automatic locking of differentials.
8. First gear ability rating — 0,8 at least.


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    thsnks for this info. but i could not find out how to enter the vehicle…

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    Awesome.Thanks for the posting.

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