9 The Story About the Blogger Who Was Not Allowed to Do His Job on the Parade

The Story About the Blogger Who Was Not Allowed to Do His Job on the Parade

Posted on May 9, 2015 by team

Ilya Varlamov aka blogger zyalt was one of those who decided to come to the Victory Parade on May 9 and take some nice photos, but everything didn’t go as smooth as he had expected…

Every journalist was provided with a vehicle – some of them simply mounted a Go Pro cam on the armor, others put on military uniform and joined the crew sitting on the top of the moving vehicle.

Ilya was provided with “Typhoon” based on “Ural” vehicle, three seats in the cabin, he sat in the middle.

Soldiers are going to their positions.

Almost all tracked vehicles were provided with rubber block.

Tanks got their flags.

At 5 a.m. they start engines, it gets hard to breathe.

The main combat tank T-90A.

The vehicles are perfectly clean, they use boot covers to walk on.

Freshly painted wheels.

All grease spots and stains are carefully removed.

Mounting the cam.

At 5:10 a.m. they get into the cars and wait for the command to get started. Backup equipment go first, they won’t participate in the parade. The backup vehicles are followed by old tanks T-34, they are the only ones not to go under their own power. Cars of journalists and bloggers start at 6 in the morning.

6 a.m. is the best time to see the vehicles, the streets are empty.

Ilya has to shoot through the thick armored glass.

They move slowely, making stops on the way. People are waving and shout something but they hear nothing in the vehicle. The driver and the navigator kept silence all the way.

Belorussky Railway Station is the final place where people can see the machines, the remaining way has been cleared of people and traffic.

Tverskaya street. The vehicles stop and the crews come out for a briefing.

Tverskaya street is closed off, unauthorized entry is strictly prohibited. Ilya was allowed to take some pictures of the vehicles.

That’s when his adventures started… In the very beginning he was caught by the police thrice (!), questioned who he was and how he came there. Ilya had to explain something and call somebody asking the authorities to prove he was permitted to be there. One chief needed the permit from another one, who, in his turn, had to notify some other person until they contacted some colonel responsible for the safety of the whole event… In all three cases he was released as everything was okay with his documents.

The machines are waiting…

They take their time to clean the machines once again and to polish their own shoes…

They have to be dustless!

Washing the wheels.

Legendary T-34 were opening the parade. They defensed not only the Soviet Union, but Russia too: officially they were put out of service only in 1993. Some countries still use it though, for example, Cuba and PRC.

T-34 tanks were followed by artillery mounts SU-100. They were used to destroy German heavy tanks during WWII.

Infantry combat vehicle “Armata”.

Armored vehicles “Typhoon-U”, “Typhoon-K” based on “Ural” and “Kamaz” respectively. Both are not intended for combat actions. Their main function is a prompt delivery of fighters to the fighting front or evacuation.

All-weather tactical air defence missile system “Tor-M2U” and medium-range anti-aircraft missile complex of medium-range “Buk-M2″. The first one can simulteneously find over 40 targets, determine the most dangerous of them, and fire at four targets at the same time with missiles.


There are many of them…

Long and medium range anti-aircraft missile system Triumph or S-400.

“Yars” is going to replace “Topol-M” next year and become the basis of the Russian nuclear forces.

Self-propelled howitzer MSTA-S”.

Self-propelled artillery system “Coalition-SV”. Explosives used by the system have much better characteristics of cyclonite. Just the other day the system set the firing range record among the SP artillery systems of the same type by hitting the target from the distance of 70 km.

“Armata” tank.

“Armata” and equipment on the platform of the same name have unmanned turrets and special armored capsules for crews. It’s much safer for tankers. By the way, “Armata” can warn the crew about a possible failure just like spaceships in Hollywood blockbusters do.

One hour before the parade Ilya decided to agree his presence there with the Federal Protective Service. He was actually promised he would not have any problems.

30 minutes before the oarade he sat on the bench to transfer photos from his camera to the laptop and noticed ten men dressed in grey suits coming to the driver of “his” car and asking something. The driver soon pointed to the bushes with his hand where Ilya was sitting so he realized the men came for him..

They came up to Ilya, surrounded him (as if he was going to escape!), started asking him the same old questions – who he was, why he was there an so on, all of them looked very nervous. After Ilya’s explanations they calmed down and started calling someone who didn’t reply. So they decided to take Ilya to Red Square!

As he could understand he photographed something prohibited, they asked Ilya to show his Instagram and Twitter… It was more than strange… Then they were calling chefs again to find out that Ilya was trully allowed to be on the parade as a journalist. But they did’t let him go and do his job but kept asking him about his trips to Somali, Afghanistan, Donetsk and Lugansk… Asking him about his blog and how much money it gave.. It could be a nice conversation but Ilya was not given a chance to take pictures as it had been planned. So he was watching the parade with the guys in grey suits..

They left him only when aircrafts appeared in the sky…

Obviously Ilya has new ten readers of his blog now! At least something positive!



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9 Responses to “The Story About the Blogger Who Was Not Allowed to Do His Job on the Parade”

  1. rob Normann says:

    Congratulations Russia with the 70 years jubilee after winning the great patriotic war. What a parade it was, beautiful. And an excellent speech of Vladimir Putin.
    God bless Russia.

  2. Plazma says:

    Ed Brown pls report to the comment section, we miss your idiots comments here….

    • ed brown says:

      Don’t waste your prescious time on me,
      continue licking Putin’s orifices,
      you were doing it perfectly so far

  3. ed brown says:

    I see Buk M missile system, but I don’t see the Volvo truck.
    Where is it?

    Anniversary of Russians killing the flight MH-17 passengers is approachnig. Would there be a parade on Red Square to celebrate this?

    • Rex says:

      You mean MH-17 which was shot down by Ukrainian air force? I don’t think it is good idea to make parade about it.

      • ed brown says:

        International investigators (from 5 countries) has proven that MH-17 was shot down by Russian terrorists. Russia tried to prove that it was shot by Ukrainians, but all their proofs turned out to be fake. Actually it was obvious from the very beginning who did that, since one of the leaders of Russian terrorists posted joyful message about this in his Facebook.

        • Rex says:

          Well, I suppose you have any credible proof for your investigators from 5 countries?
          So far Russia is only country that actually took full responsibility to investigate this, together with French and Dutch.
          About those leaders, it was only one, and it was proven to be fake, as he does not have any social site accounts.
          Secondly, video Ukraine posted “rebel leader talking to Russian colonel”, was made 2 days before video was posted proven by simple coding and many audio specialists proved that audio itself is fake and made from different audio sounds together.
          Thirdly, why did Ukraine rush to blame Russia for this incident, even if 1 hour did not pass after tragedy?
          Those are just 3 things among thousand that don’t go together with Ukrainian media agenda.

    • Bob says:

      Ed, are you
      a) mentally ill
      b) a troll
      c) or do you actually have evidence?

      In all seriousness, if you’re actually this russophobic, what happened? I’m Polish and I don’t have such idiotic hate.

  4. Tommo says:

    What is his blog? Sounds interesting.

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