14 The Battle of Berlin In Pictures

The Battle of Berlin In Pictures

Posted on May 7, 2015 by team

The Battle of Berlin became the finale of the Berlin strategic offensive operation 1945 that resulted in the victory of the Red Army in the capital of Nazi Germany and completion of the Great Patriotic War and World War II in Europe. The operation lasted from April 25 to May 2. Prior to the ending of the battle, Hitler and some of his supporters committed suicide.


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14 Responses to “The Battle of Berlin In Pictures”

  1. bob says:

    The Germans surrendered the city of Berlin on this day, 5/2/1945 but not the entire German country as the author has stated. Germany as a country and the entire German military surrendered later on 5/7/1945 at the Allied Headquarters in Reims, France by Jodl. Stalin was furious about this and ordered Keitel to also sign another surrender in France on the same day. Many German units continued to fight for a few weeks longer in Europe. World War 2 ended later that year in the Pacific against the Japanese Empire.

    • bob says:

      “Keitel to also sign another surrender in France on the same day”… I meant “in Berlin”. Oops!

  2. tsapai says:

    No battle, just red-nazies relaxing

  3. joker says:

    any rape battles photos??

  4. Dan says:

    The proudest moment in the history of the Red Army.

  5. Hans says:

    Russians lost 15 of their soldiers for every killed german soldier. Germans just ran out of ammo trying to kill millions of drunk Russian soldier running at them and screaming “Ura!!!Za Stalina!!!” Ironically Stalin was a man who killed much more Russians than Hitler. Stalin also helped to prepare thousands of German officers in Russia (cause Treaty of Versailles prohibited Germans to do that in their homeland) while killing 44000 of army officers in USSR during a Great purge. Even Goering and Guderian were trained in Russia. Russians should be ashamed that nowadays their government installs memorials to Stalin – the greatest murderer of Russian people, while the names of 2/3 of the soldiers who were killed in this war are still unknown. Russians actually lost in that war cause they haven’t learnt a bitter lesson of it and their ignorance created a new dictator of our time – Putin, who follows the ideology of nazism.

  6. D says:

    The neo-nazi thuggocracy government in Ukraine and elsewhere on the planet should follow their dear foolish WW2 cowardly leaders et put a bullet in their hollow heads too.

  7. MSen says:

    Joseph Edward Davies, american ambassador in USSR in 1936-38.

    ( July 7, 1941 )
    “My friend Lindberg surprised me greatly, saying that he prefers Nazism to Communism. Generally make such a choice is desperate attempt, but between these two subjects the difference is too great. And Germany and Russia – the totalitarian state. Both are realistic. Both are applied strict and ruthless methods.
    However, there is one major difference that can be seen as follows. If Marx, Lenin and Stalin were faithful Christians, and if you try to put the communist experiment, done in Russia, within the framework of the dogmas of the Catholic or Protestant church, then the result would be declared as Christianity’s greatest achievement in the history of mankind’s quest for philanthropy and incarnation of Christian commandments in society. The fact is that the Christian religion can be combined with communist principles, without making a big violence against its economic and political objectives, the most important of which is the ” brotherhood of all men.” Having conducted a similar test against Nazism, we discover the impossibility of combining the two ideologies. Principle of Christian ideology is impossible to impose on Nazi philosophy without destroying the political foundations of the state. Fascist philosophy created by the state, which is actually based on a denial of altruistic principles of Christianity. For the Nazis, love, charity, justice and Christian values ​​only mean weakness and decline, if they are contrary to the needs of the state.
    That’s the difference – the communist Soviet state can act, with Christianity as the basis for achieving the ultimate goal – universal brotherhood of man. Communist ideology admit diminishing and dying of Government with improvement of human race, whereas the exact opposite to the ideal of the Nazis – the state above all else.”

  8. tommo says:

    I love that picture of that Nazi shit being dragged out of his hole

    • Mike says:

      Lol, he was no Nazi, just some poor schmuck drafted into city defense battalions. I mean, that was mostly kids, old men, and the crappier weirmacht combat units. Yeah, and that was what Soviet forces were up against when they took the city, yet still managed to suffer heavy casualties.

  9. David Takmoto Castro says:

    One more precious contribution of this website to enlighten us about such a tragic moment that was this unfortunate war. May our politicians learn a thing or two and never do that again, because the are the ones who suffer much less than the common person that is going to suffer and die because of the politicians beliefs. War no more!

  10. Alper says:

    I wish I was a Soviet soldier there, all those German women free for me to take!!

  11. Robert says:

    Communism and christianity? :O Are you insane?

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