36 New Armata Tanks

New Armata Tanks

Posted on May 7, 2015 by team

Russian “Armata” T-14, T-15 tanks aroused much interest in the foreign press, being compared to American “Abrams”, many experts say that the new Russian tank has better characteristics than its American competitor.

Its weight is 48 tons, speed 50 mph. It is able to fire up to twelve RPM from a 125 mm gun at different types of munitions including guided missiles.

The tanks are equipped with a radar to detect incoming threats and destroy them with a rocket.

The weight of American “Abrams” varies from 65 to 70 tons, its maximum speed is just more than 40 mph.

Now you can have a closer look at “Armata” T-14, T-15 tanks.


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36 Responses to “New Armata Tanks”

  1. tsapai says:

    New soviet-nazi equipment

    • Pom2Ter says:

      WTF did you smoke? Whats the relation with Nazis and Soviets to the Armata??? Did the ghosts of Nazi scientists work on it because I really can’t see any other explanation linking it to Nazis? And for the Soviet part now beside taking on scraps and leftovers of the T-95 project which was a soviet program… the Armata is not even closely from the Soviet era after it was paused, resumed and changes were made to it’s design so many times so I guess you really just had to write dumb stuff without using you brain did you?

  2. tanksoldier says:

    I suspect that the connections is that both Nazi Germany THEN and Putin’s Russia NOW are enemies of world peace, and Russia is working REALLY hard to become a direct enemy of the US. Again.

    • Mi says:

      Well yes, everyone not licking American’s butts are working really hard to become their enemy.

      • ed brown says:

        In the eyes of Russians everyone who does not admire Russian dictatorship and who hates servility of Russian people is licking Americas butts.

        • Froggy says:

          In the eyes of the American leaders everyone who does not admire the US Model of dictatorship and object to servility to the US ideology, sub-culture, economical diktat & hegemony is an enemy of Peace & Democracy.

          That even includes some US clairvoyant nationals. The US nation & its people are really great, but shame about their leaders …

    • Jacob says:

      Like the USA are the friends of peace. Just take a look at the long list of phoney wars initiated by USA for no reason other than imposing the will of Washington: the Spanish-American war, Vietnam, second Iraq war. Now USA has overthrown Ukraine’s legitimate government in 2014 but refuses to acknowledge that Russia has the right to complain about it.

  3. doctorp says:

    Almost wish to see them slaughtered by M1 Abrams :) Now that we all have seen how trustful soviet-era technology they are )

    • Pom2Ter says:

      Except as I already said ITS NOT EVEN RELATED TO SOVIET TECH AND BY FAR what the hell is wrong with you people.
      I’m not even Russian and I have to give them credits for this one. It was made from completely new technology and research…. I have serious doubts the old M1 even with all its countless upgrade programs can keep up with this new tank…

  4. MSen says:

    Russians are begin take up arms when seeing foreign weapons at their borders. For hundreds of years, well-known countries and some treaty axis of evil organizations tried to seize their great resources. The cause only in this.

  5. ed brown says:

    Beautiful taknks. Soon they will be used to kill Ukrainians.

  6. ho fo sho says:


    I’d like to see how that cutting edge technology handles an AT missile fired by an attack helicopter. It’s probably still a coffin.

    The Abrams has been around for thirty years.Comparing the two is pretty lame.

  7. Jimp says:

    It is compared to the American M1A1 Tanks. A tank first fielded in the 1980’s (we’ll say 40 years old). It’s also speed controlled to the speed mentioned, but if the speed controls are removed it will do 100 KPH (62 MPH) easily.

    It would be better if no one had to lick anyone’s butt. And Putin is not showing any difference than the US. The only significant difference is Putin was one man. The US has gone through 3 or 4 and they were all the same.

  8. john says:


  9. Muzzlehatch says:

    I like that they are parked in front of The Four Seasons Hotel.

  10. Bruno says:

    I wonder, if this tank (t-14) is newer than the t-34, why it’s number is lower?

  11. Nico says:

    Comparing this thing to Abrams makes sense only because the hull looks very similar: russian engineers finally understood how flawed the soviet tank desing was. End of comparison.
    Let’s hope we will never have the chance to see how this Wunderwaffe copes against next-future antitank weapons (armed drones & other stuff coming from ABOVE, not from the ground): at first glance they look like they was conceived to fight world war 3 in the 1990s.
    The BMP-successor (whatever it is called) is brand new … and already beefed up with additional armour?!
    And: if you really want to brag about “my toll is bigger than yours” – why just Abrams? What about Leopard 2A7?

  12. jesus says:

    if i can say something: Russia produces its tanks always without help from other countries. The M1 uses the same 120mm canon from Germany like the Leopard2. The gun is made by theyr WW2 enemies!!! So this point tells me, that russians know what they produce!

    • tanksoldier says:

      …because we have allies, and using the same ammunition across NATO simplifies logistics. I’m sure the Russian gun is well designed and made… like a Lada.

      • YourSchoolTeacher says:

        …Nah, bonehead, the Russian gun is more like Soviet spacecrafts that for the first time in history brought animals and human beings to the orbit, took the first black-and-white and colour photos of the Venus surface and of the far side of the Moon. The Soviet Union/Russia had an outstanding scientific potential and succeeded greatly in military and space programs but usually lacked behind in the development of _civilian_ technologies, that’s why your analogy between this gun and a Lada is as ridiculous as yourself.

  13. Adolfo Camara says:

    I don’t get it. Why reveal potential design advantages to the world by showing up this new tank? I would keep it under wraps until the first battle at least.

  14. Tim Dennison says:

    The RPG protective cage only covers 1/4 of the tank’s flank. I assume this area is vital, either ammunition stowage or the engine? Why is there explosive/reactive armor everywhere but they use a steel cage there?

  15. dave bell says:

    LOL 3 new tanks and only 1 can of fuel …..

  16. McLovin says:

    The tank is beautiful in design and by the judging of what I’ve seen this thing can be armed with, it is powerful. However, the Abrams IS a match for the tank so long as the commander knows what he’d doing. I’m sure the U.S. will try to push for a new tank to be developed after seeing this. Just give it time. Until then, new tactics as well as adjustments will be made, and seeing as there is more Abrams than there are Armatas and given how trained the U.S. has been in tank tactics, the U.S. still holds an advantage over Russia’s tank capability.

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