1 Touching Pictures of the War

Touching Pictures of the War

Posted on May 6, 2015 by team

It’s more than just photos.   Each of them may evoke deep emotions, you start unintentionally imagining how terrible it was to be there, in the war past. Here we compiled the most touching photographs of that time, they portray people who remained humane and caring in the hardest days of their lives.

In the photo above are sleeping soldiers of the Red Army with a dog in between.

The woman from the village seeing off her son, commander of a partisan party, who’s heading to the front.

Partisans are carrying their friend killed in a battle, 1941.

A woman sitting at the ashes of her house, destroyed by the Germans. During the war 1710 cities and settlements were ruined, over 70 thousand villages, 32 thousand  industrial instalations, 98 thousand collective farms and 1876 state farms… The USSR lost 30% of its national wealth.

Destroyed kindergarten in Tikhvin.

The nurse is giving first aid to a wounded soldier. Many nurses got significant military awards.

Soviet soldiers dancing a time of rest.

Woman breastfeeding her baby and reading a letter from the front.

Soviet women dancing on the Moscow street during the celebration of the Victory Day on May 9, 1945.

Soviet officer holding the girl he saved from Elkhontovo village, 1942.

A girl with a cat near a destroyed house in the Smolensk region, October, 1941.


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    Very sad photo’s.

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