12 The Story of Legendary Aircraft Tu 160

The Story of Legendary Aircraft Tu 160

Posted on May 6, 2015 by team

Tu-160 aircraft has a thirty year lasting history throughout which it was repeatedly modified and redesigned, but the upcoming modifications seem to be the most significant. The legendary missile carrier will get new avionics soon. This post covers the most important flights and modifications of this powerful aircraft Tu-160.

The story of Tu-160 began in the mid 1960s to accept the challenge of the USA that was about to create strategic bomber B-1(project AMSA (Advanced Manned Strategic Aircraft).

Tupolev and Myasischev experimental design bureaus both created their own versions of the future aircraft by the early 1970s.


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12 Responses to “The Story of Legendary Aircraft Tu 160”

  1. Pom2Ter says:

    I love this supersonic bomber so much

  2. Pasha says:

    What is legendary about Tu-160 ???

  3. Jordan says:

    Beautiful plane !!!

  4. john says:

    Great looking aircraft.

  5. john says:

    Oh,and excellent photo’s to.

  6. JimP says:

    Looks like a USAF B-1. I wonder who stole who’s design. Actually, I know. Love the copy too.

  7. kolobov says:

    LOL “!Legendary!” Tu-160 LOL … russian lies in new dimensions and levels…
    What is legendary on that crappy stolen piece of ….?
    Rockwell B1A: USA 1974 Mach 2.2
    Tu-160 “Rockwellski”: Russia 1981 (introduction 2005=LOL) Mach 2.05

    I prefer original NOT pure COPY.

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