4 Mirny City: Diamond Capital of Russia

Mirny City: Diamond Capital of Russia

Posted on May 6, 2015 by team

Diamonds appeared more than 300 billion years ago. First they were found in Kimberley, South Africa.

The rich deposits of diamonds were opened in Yakutia in the mid 1950s, in general 1500 diamond pipes have been found in this region. 99% of all diamonds of Russia and more than 1/4 of the all world diamonds are mined in Yakutia.

Right now we are going to join blogger aslan and visit the city called Mirny – the diamond capital of Yakutia. The diamond pipe found there in 1955 became a city forming one.

Today Mirny is populated by 35 thousand people. 80% of them work in the diamond mining sphere.

City center.

Aiport in Mirny.

The building of “Alrosa” diamond mining company.

Diamond pipe in Mirny opened June, 1955.

The mine is located next to the residential area of Mirny.

Since 1957 to 2001 they mined diamonds at cost of seventeen billion US dollars. Since that time the mine has become much bigger and wider.

The depth of the mine is 525 m, its diameter is 1,2 km. It’s one of the deepest mines in the world.

Water accumulating on its bottom is a threat for the mine under the quarry. They have to continuously pump the water out.

In 2013 they mined diamonds of two million of carats.


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    Does not look like fun…endless drudgery.

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    300 Billion years ago? The universe and everything is only 13.8 Billion years old, perhaps the author meant 300 Million years?

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    That hole would make a nice sized Underground city in the future.A dome on top could support agriculture. The possibilities are left to one’s imagination.

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