19 Russian Parade Vehicles, Fully Uncovered Now

Russian Parade Vehicles, Fully Uncovered Now

Posted on May 4, 2015 by team

The day before yesterday we showed you the parade military equipment on Moscow streets, but some elements of the vehicles were shrouded. Today we have a chance to show you the same equipment fully uncovered in order you could see it in detail.


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19 Responses to “Russian Parade Vehicles, Fully Uncovered Now”

  1. ed brown says:

    Russia has some of the worst roads in the world.
    After this parade these roads will be a little bit worser

  2. asdf says:

    well, its the same crap as it was in the 60’s

  3. tsapai says:

    And now send this shit to the Ukraine for testing.

    Nnew russian-nazi logotypes looks not so nice.

    • Reinhard says:

      I’d think there would be no need to test these vehicles on Ukraine unless the Azov idiots (true Nazis) decide to attack Belgorod or Rostov. But we know these nutcases are too cowardly to actually attack Russian territory which actually hosts Russian troops!! Anyway, here in Munich, I’m enjoying the company of Ukrainian men who’d do anything for a few euros (I’m talking sex). Who’d have thought that 25 year old blonde gardeners with chiselled abs would be interested in a greying forty year old businessman?

  4. Neugo says:

    It’s interesting to watch the russians build things that are between US and soviet trends. Like a mutant child of both sides. :D

  5. Mike says:

    I heard Abrams wheels burst like popcorn when they encounter rough terrain.

  6. xm3 says:

    WW3 just begin. Thx russians animals :(

  7. jesus says:

    here in switzerland we fear this tank…but we always are afraid from war!!…i dont know why, but they call it T-14?? Is that right? But the t-90 is not that old…so why this tank? The turret looks badly designed….but the arty looks damn great!
    And stop crying about WW3…..better the russians rolls on, than obama or the gay ISIS..
    i wold love to make love to a russian female tank officier:) raaaaaaaawrrrrrr

  8. dwm says:

    I love the new Russian logo. Maybe the USA should use the USPS logo to match.

  9. Lonnie46 says:

    Outstanding job on the cardboard.

  10. zorro says:

    It looks similar to polish tank prorotype named PL-01 Concept but it is without laser gun :)

  11. Robert says:

    Super power tank , congratulations to russia!!!

  12. kura says:

    Is it the one that got broke during the parade?

  13. Pom2Ter says:

    Now fire at those people and lets see who can hit the most with 1 cluster shell. Winner gets to spend a whole day with Emperor Putin the Great!!!

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