1 Novosibirsk Then And Now

Novosibirsk Then And Now

Just yesterday we showed you how Russian cities have changed compared to what they were seventy years ago.Today we want to focus only
on Novosibirsk. Blogger gelio has shared a nice set of then and now pictures of the city which is a bit older than 100.

1 Russian Extreme Postal Delivery

Russian Extreme Postal Delivery

Blogger and traveller Dmitry Chistoprudov spent some time with the workers of the Russian postal service, visited the northernmost settlement in Yakutia, travelled on the thick ice of the Lena river,
ate the most delicious arctic dinner in his life and got many impressions in general. Here you can see Dmitry's pictures and check out how they deliver mail to the far north of Russia.

1 Deadly Fires In Khakassia, Russia

Deadly Fires In Khakassia, Russia

On April 12 an emergency situation was announced in the Republic of Khakassia. Dry grass burning resulted in multiple fires in approximately thirty settlements of the republic. Extinguishing was hindered by strong wind and continuous temperature differential. More than 600 people were
injured in the fires, fifteen died. The residential sector has been seriously damaged. The population lost about 1300 houses, 4000 head of cattle. The fire was being extinguished by 1300 people, 230 vehicles including aircraft. Five criminal cases have been opened.

9 A Piece of Italy in the Russian Province

A Piece of Italy in the Russian Province

Pavlischev Bor is a village located fifty kilometers from Kaluga, Russia. It's the home for an interesting mansion built in the end of the eighteenth century. Bloggerser-rubtsov has visited the place and taken these pictures. The ensemble had existed until 1917
when the main structure was damaged by the fire. It was replaced by a brick house that gave the mansion a new look. The complex belonged to an engineer Vasiliy Yaroshenko who designed it himself being inspired by an Italian house of his brother.

0 Once It Was a Bread Baking Plant

Once It Was a Bread Baking Plant

The bread-baking plant of Zotov is considered to be a unique architectural monument, it was promised to be restored but hardly it will ever happen... Some people even rumor they plan to
build a new residential complex in its place. The building of the plant was finished in 1932, according to the same project eleven plants more have been built in the USSR.

25 Ukrainian War Exhibition in Moscow: More Details

Ukrainian War Exhibition in Moscow: More Details

We have already published the post about the new interesting exhibition devoted to the war in Ukraine, but this one is more detailed so deserved to be shown as well. Blogger zyalt has also visited the exhibition of material evidence and took his own pictures. They have really
brought many things from hot zones in Ukraine even including the real full-size stele that used to stand at the entrance to Debaltsevo city. A curious fact: according to blogger Ilya Varlamov (zyalt) today it's the only exhibition in Moscow guarded by police.

3 Russian Cities 70 Years Ago And Today

Russian Cities 70 Years Ago And Today

Here is a cool set of images in order you could see how Russian cities have changed for seventy years. On the image above is the
picture you find familiar   Its a square at the railway station in Stalingrad following the nazi assault from the air, 1942.
8 Giant Arch Constructed at the Chernobyl NPP

Giant Arch Constructed at the Chernobyl NPP

You have seen many things from the notorious Chernobyl past. But these are new objects being constructed at the Chernobyl nuclear
power plant these very days –  the Shelter and the Arch. Right now you may join us and virtually walk along the site.

3 The Southernmost Valley of Kirghizia

The Southernmost Valley of Kirghizia

Alay valley is not the end of the world, it's just the southernmost place of Kirghizia. Further on lies the desert   It stretches for hundreds or maybe even thousands of kilometers up to the Arabian Sea. Compared to
that desert Kirghizia is a blooming garden. Quite surprising that Kyrgyz people live on both sides of the deserted land. Blogger Vladimir Trofimov has visited the valley and shared these pictures.

1 Lunokhod: Most Reliable Vehicle In the Universe

Lunokhod: Most Reliable Vehicle In the Universe

Fully autonomous Moonwalker or Lunokhod can function without refueling for a year, it has a self-repaired suspension for any type of terrain and climate control stabilizing the temperature. We could call it the transport of future but it was created in 1969. The first model had travelled its warranty mileage thrice and didn't have a single
failure. If no other intelligent life exists in the Universe this vehicle can be surely called the most reliable in the universe. As for Amercans, they had their Lunar Rover repaired on the Moon twice. If the Soviet one would fail, there wouldn't be anyone to fix it - the crew was 400 thousand kilometers away...

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