3 The City You Dont Want to Live In

The City You Dont Want to Live In

Karabash was founded in 1822 as a mining city. It's main industry was mining copper as the place had large deposits of copper ore. It was mainly populated by miners and their families, in the late 1930s 50 thousand people lived in Karabash. As the  mines were closing, the population began decreasing. Ecological issues have always been acute for Karabash.
In the late 1980s vegetation almost disappeared from the city, staying there became dangerous for people, the population decreased to fifteen thousand. In 1998 they resumed copper smelting production in Karabash, the city which is called one of the dirtiest in the world, as per 2014 it was populated by twelve thousand people.

0 Life Saving Medals

Life Saving Medals

These medals given to Soviet heroes of WWII, protectors of their motherhood, are wrecked by bullets and shell fragments, they were found during excavations
or reburials of soldiers. Some of them miraculously saved lives of their owners. Today they are kept as precious heirlooms or museum exhibits.

6 Final Residents of the Buried Village

Final Residents of the Buried Village

This couple managed to "survive" the war, the Chernobyl radiation and Stalin. They are the keepers of the final compound in the resettled village. Nikolay is making
bird houses and hanging them everywhere, he knows which birds will come soon and which ones never returned after the explosion at the Chernobyl NPP.

3 1943:  The Year of Relief For Moscow

1943: The Year of Relief For Moscow

1941 and 1942 were the hardest years for Moscow. The following year of 1943 gave relief to the capital and its life started to bloom again. The Stalingrad battle was won on February 2 and Moscow citizens believed they could defeat the enemy. People began to entertain themselves, celebrate holiday, watch movies and go to theaters and exhibitions. New subway
stations were opened in 1943, the Museum of Musical Culture named after M. Glinka and an Institute of crystollography were founded in Moscow. Relations of the Soviet government and the church were getting better, they chose a patriarch, new cathedrals were opened for believers... That was the year of hope, time to lift in spirits.

2 Russian North: Abandoned Military And Construction Plant

Russian North: Abandoned Military And Construction Plant

We have already shown you the northernmost place of Russia - Tiksi, this time we want to focus on the installation that was left by
people like many others in the settlement. It's going to be a military-construction unit or a kingdom of rusty stuff.

0 A Trip to Beautiful Svaneti

A Trip to Beautiful Svaneti

Blogger mg5642 has shared the best pictures of a trip to beautiful Svaneti, the mountainous paradise of Georgia. The main places he visited were Adishi and Ushguli villages full of
interesting architecture. You can imagine how nice it is to be there, on a green valley neighbouring huge glaciers, how clean that air is, what a wonderful silence embraces you...

1 The Huge Drilling Platform of Sakhalin

The Huge Drilling Platform of Sakhalin

"Rosneft" company has finished drilling works at the most distant oil field "Chaivo" in Sakhalin, Russia. Production well O-14 is 13 500 meters deep, the drain is 12 033
long. It took them 156 days to drill the well. We are going to join blogger russos in his tour to the Okhotsk Sea to see how they pull oil from its bottom.

25 War Veterans: Then And Now

War Veterans: Then And Now

On these images you can see the veterans who managed to survive the war and live up to these days. They have been searched all around Russia and former Soviet
republics. Most of them are 80-90 years old, some are already 100+. Look at their "then and now" photos. On the picture above: Valentina, 94, Kiev.

2 New Military Museum In Minsk, Belarus

New Military Museum In Minsk, Belarus

A new military museum devoted to World War II has opened in Minsk, Belarus, just recently. It is appropriately located right behind the stele "Minsk is a
hero city" erected in 1985. We are going to join blogger deletant and visit the museum right now. The image above is a Soviet flat of the 1930s.

11 The Worst Russian Roads Can Be Found Here

The Worst Russian Roads Can Be Found Here

— What do you want me to show you? — asks the taxi driver. — What is your city famous for? Show me the most interesting things! — Well let's go and see our roads then! It's the most worthy thing I can show you... That's the dialogue of blogger zyalt who came to visit the city of Yoshkar Ola, Russia, and the local taxi driver. Each city has it's own unofficial showplace...
Samara, for example is a cat capital of Russia, Dagestan is a place notorious for its squatter development etc. As for Yoshkar Ola it has the worst roads in all Russia, according to zyalt. Local papers often cover crazy accidents occuring here. Thus, just recently, one car fell into the hole in the ground while trying to drive into the yard...

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