54 Ukrainian Defeat in Debaltsevo

Ukrainian Defeat in Debaltsevo

Posted on April 30, 2015 by team

The Ukrainian forces have been driven out from Debaltsevo (Donetsk region of Ukraine), the scene of recent battles. You can see how Debaltsevo looks like today without the Ukrainian army.


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54 Responses to “Ukrainian Defeat in Debaltsevo”

  1. ed brown says:

    Very well done.
    Russia has shown its real face to Ukrainians.
    Main pro-Russian regions of Ukraine are destroyed
    by Russia. When America sent food to feed Ukrainians (meatballs in marinara sause), Russia sent its merceneraries and modern weapons to kill Ukrainians.
    Very well done indeed.

    • nyarlantothep says:

      Ok, yea. So the US is certainly not sending weapons, money and training to Ukrainian forces. Half a globe away, not near their border. Not in their old lands. Sure buddy.

      You know what I despise of you who believe yourselves white knights? That you simply don’t get that there’s not good and bad in these conflicts. There are just forces, fighting for influence over resources. The difference is how desperate certain factions are. It seems that the Rimland Theory is still popular at Washington.

      So the next time you bash Russia, just check the American side of the track. You’ll be surprised to find out who has over the past century or so been the major aggressor across the Globe.

      • Alain says:

        As I always explain, I don’t back the US either. Bush deserves its place for what has been done in Iraq. Sarkozy too, with Libya (I remind you I’m French). And, also, I personally don’t recognize the Kosovo independence :) And Putin is definitely attacking Ukraine, because he does not want a successful, uncorrupt slavic country at its door. Very bad example for the Russian people who may have ideas, to get rid of him…

        • Bob says:

          @Alain, show us the evidence for your following statement (don’t want your imagination):

          And Putin is definitely attacking Ukraine, because he does not want a successful, uncorrupt slavic country at its door. Very bad example for the Russian people who may have ideas, to get rid of him…

          • Alain says:

            @Bob, show us the evidence of any agressions towards Russian-speaking population in Ukraine. I don’t want your imagination :D

            For my statement, I just hold bets :) To day, it has been easy, as Putin always confirmed what the world said, a few months later. Anybody knowing Russian politics perfectly understand what is in his mind…

    • Alain says:

      Not really a Ukrainian defeat, but more a Russian victory in Debaltsevo.

      As we can see, Russia does not fight for the good of the region, but to destroy it altogether. Nice job, Vova…

      By the way, as the Ukrainian retreated in quite a good order, it was not really a defeat… And the main (strategic) defeat is for Russia, who lost the heart of Ukraine for decades to come, at least… The more Russia continues, the stronger the strategic defeat will be, whatever the result on the ground…

    • Joe says:

      You are insane. Or a jew but I repeat myself.

      • Alain says:

        Thanks for being so anti-semite. You help the cause, definitely :)

        • Joe says:

          You are insane and your tricks are useless. The 110th is coming soon and just as the past 109 were not seen by your vile ancestors you will laugh right up until you are hung on the nearest lamppost.

          • Alain says:

            No tricks. You are just what you are. And that’s great. Thank you for being so dumb !

            • joe says:

              Keep laughing. Your peoples past is your future and this time the entire world is seething at your perfidy. 109 expulsions and you have learned nothing. The 110th will be the last purge humanity will need to engage in as we finally are building a worldwide awareness of the jew so this time there is no where for you vile vermin to hide claiming you are victims. Keep laughing as we seethe. Our rage will be vented on you soon and you know it too. Most D.H.S. funds used to “secure” jewish emplacements and compounds. The Sampson option threatened only by israel while the vile jew cries that a country you want to attack might be doing what israel has already done and you vile psychopaths cry Iranians are evil and criminal! The world is coming to despise israel for being jewish and acting accordingly. History of the jew is now published worldwide and you laugh at our building realization of the parasites and destructive influence the jew has always been. Keep laughing as a worldwide hatred of you builds to the only inevitable conclusion. Keep laughing but never behave morally and justly. That would not be the jewish way! Soon your days of laughter will become days of a fear you cannot fathom. We will do to you as your books and rabbi’s teach you to do to us when you take control. Neobolshevism will turn on its creators and you will become a hunted people while we choose weather to kill you for the bounty or keep you as mere property.Your past is your future.

              • Alain says:

                I didn’t catch what you meant with 109th and 110th. I do now. Again, thanks a lot for being antisemite. It helps a lot the cause :D

                Oh, and beside this : I am not a Jew. Just a real Christian who understood the message of Jesus : “Love one another with that love that I have shown you”. But if I have to fight, I’ll fight with the Jews, like the Jews today fight against Novorossiyan racists, antisemites, neo-nazis and fascists like you :)

                • Joe says:

                  Sure your a Christian. Jesus hated the jewish hierarchy. The jewish holy books claim Jesus is burning in hot excrement or in semen depending on what version of their book you read. The virgin Mary is considered a whore in judaism. Christians are deemed fools and chattel in judaism. You certainly do show the mentality of this level of human. One that venerates those that despise him but you are not a Christian as you do not follow the bible except for the old testament or the torah in judaism. By the way the jews are mostly not Semites but ALL the Palestinians are! I am not anti Semite, I am antijew! You are a 5 watt and will be a target during the 110th. PLEASE be on the side that the bible itself claims will be destroyed in the upcoming purge. You are a fool beyond measure and a waste of skin.

                  • rostit says:

                    only weak and insecure people hate jews. Jew hate was invented to galvanize the mentally inferior. If you think the Jews actually did any of what you believe then you are just another anti-jew puppet. Blinded to the real evils in the world. smh.

                    • Joe says:

                      only weak and insecure people hate jews?
                      Marcus Tullius Cicero?
                      DIO CASSIUS?
                      BERNARDINO OF FELTRO?
                      THOMAS AQUINAS?
                      H. H. BEAMISH?
                      POPE CLEMENT VIII?
                      NESTA WEBSTER?
                      FRANZ LISZT?
                      JESUS CHRIST?
                      MARTIN LUTHER?
                      ST. JUSTIN?
                      MARIA THERESA?
                      DENIS DIDEROT?
                      COUNT HELMUTH VON MOLTKE?
                      FRANCIS BACON?
                      GEORGE WASHINGTON?
                      Benjamin Franklin?
                      PETER STYVESANT?
                      LORD HARRINGTON?
                      WALTER CRICK?
                      MIKHYL BAKUNYIN?
                      WILHELM II?
                      CARDINAL MINDSZENTY?
                      ADRIEN ARCAND?
                      A. HOMER?
                      CAPTAIN MONTGOMERY SCHYLER?
                      HENRY FORD?
                      FATHER DENIS FAHEY?
                      HILARY COTTER?
                      ULYSSES S GRANT?
                      WILLIAM T SHERMAN?
                      L. F. ROSS?
                      MARK TWAIN?
                      H. L. MENCKEN?
                      and the list can go on and on. Weak men and women indeed. More like awake and aware men and women. You will not stop the 110th. You can’t. It is inevetable just as the past 109 were.

              • dav says:

                Wow what drugs are you on ? Mind sharing or is it the fact you can’t be bother thinking for you self. it’s the Jews , it’s someone else to blame for your own problem. Easier to hate and blame then to take responceabliy for your own life . What a drone whom knows nothing of the outside his own little world that he edit to fit his view.
                Whats next that someone was on the grassy noel when JFK was shot ? Yep it was aliens , they want there space ship back from area 51.
                Gee go drown yourself in more booze filled dumbass ideas.

                • Joe says:

                  Can’t deal with reality so you default to fantasy. Old trick fool. Try to lump idiocy in with what you can’t accept or disprove so the child must tie unpleasant facts with obvious fantasy. 5 watt.

  2. geo says:

    salo ukraintsam

  3. roof says:

    bLA BLA bla ! stop western propaganda
    who start war ?
    ukraine start war
    20.01.2014 ukraine nazi start kill policemans
    20.02.2014 ukraine nazi stop bus convoy with russians from crimea and kill 50 civilian people
    03.03.2014 ukraine nazi start kill people in Donbas
    ukraine start war

    • Adanedhel says:

      Da, da da, you stupid russian mongrels. West isn´t responsiblr for your fucked lives. You should to care about your half starving pensioners and children, your Putler should take care about Kadyrov and his muslim brotherhood killing your citizens on Caucasus and protect ordinary people from Mafia. Do not mess with other countries, you fools. This is their business, not yours.

    • Alain says:

      Bla bla bla. Just go to Kiev and check for yourself. Period.

  4. kraken says:

    Well done soviets! Well done. 3rd category of humans at their best.

  5. zx10R says:

    surprisingly your comment, ed, is not deleted yet

  6. Arjan says:

    Thank God we have the Americans to save the day (and yes this was ment to be sarcastic)

  7. Adanedhel says:

    Good, and how you scums helped to the starving people, women and children ? How did you help rebuild schools, hospitals, or waterworks ? Huh ? How did you helped to the poor, starving pensioners, living in cold and despair ?

  8. Joe says:

    You are starting to look pathetic. You are looking like you want open warfare. You look like you are part of a culling of the Ukrainian population! WHY?? BECAUSE YATS RIDES ON OPEN TRAINS TO AND FROM “WORK” AND NOT ONE OF YOU KNOWS THIS? Not one of you has thought to be on that train and gut him? You have sent NO S+D team! Not one! WHY?

    • Alain says:

      There already is open warfare. 6000 killed civilians and 1 million displaced, thanks to Putin.

      • Joe says:

        Keep spouting your lies vile jew. We all know it was the jews in the U.S. government that instigated tyhe coup and it is jews that took over Ukraine. The Nazi talk is a ruse and we are coming to see the jew yet again as humanities only enemy. The 110th is around the corner and your lies insure you a painful and lingering death.

  9. Luc Champagne says:

    This is a shame, Russians destroying the flag of the brother nation Ukraine, just as is a shame Ukrainians destroying the flag of brother nation Russia. The unity is eternal, the war and politics not. The anger may be justified, not this desecration. I have been supporting Russia for the most of this conflict, as I agree that this is again Americans meddling in the affairs of brother slavic nations. But this time, this gives me nausea. I strongly condemn.

  10. Oleg says:

    Russians are the lowest sort of humans judging by the atrocities they’ve always commited and are currently commiting in Ukraine. Russian bitches can only treacherously attack a much weaker, peaceful and friendly country during a period of political turmoil, using all legal and illegal weapons to exterminate civilians. When it comes to figihting a real army – Russian pigs are decimated by millions as they are too stupid and incompetent to fight in a real war, as was shown by Germany several times already. Russian scum should be wiped out from the face of the Earth as soon as possible.

  11. john says:

    What a mess.Long live RUSSIA.

  12. Jesus says:

    Is it just me…but those soldiers dont look very russian to me….???? the biggest scums are definatly syrians and arab terroris….cutting of peoples heads in name of jallaaballah…russia and ukranie will be friends soon…now stop hate russia,..they didnt start! And every facebook-idiot can buy uniform and do shit….FUCK THOSE DAMN FACEBOOK-SOLDIERDS….

  13. John says:

    Nobody can refute what Jesus says. But I’ve never heard him swear before in my whole life!!

  14. CZenda says:

    Disgusting. And this happens just because of a twisted mind of a single old-school dictator.

  15. Pom2Ter says:

    Russians proud to show off with americans MRE… what the hell is that…

  16. Omar says:

    Maybe Ukraine to join NATO so this no more happen.

  17. dav says:

    LMAO propaganda tool of NATO gee I guess you re watching the propaganda tool of Russian it’s the BOOB tube, aka TV. Sadly Russian shot down that Jet last year, keep poring there troops into another country and Proclaims it’s the west , someone else etc yet it’s Putin running the show. Not much different for any of the other leaders
    Sad that someone believe the lie of tv rather then finding the truth.

  18. rostit says:

    correct. Joe, you are just a parrot with no thoughts of your own. You spew hate without intelligence. Your methodology is tiresome and immature. Blame the jews. Very original. If you really think a race of people is that powerful then that proves how brainwashed or unintelligent you are. Good luck with life. You need it. The rest of us will deal with the real trouble makers while you scream about people who make bagels. pity.

    • joe says:

      I answered the foolish attempt to insult my contentions by the claim that it is stupid to blame the culprits with others that their experience showed them that jews are a blight on humanity. If you are as unaware of the realities around you as the typical slug then stay in your slime. Those men and women I quoted are worthy of research but that is far too complicated for a slug so keep believing rather than bothering to know. You are unaware of the hive mentality or how psychopaths are nurtured. If you were aware of these adult topics and aware of the world around you there would be no issue as you would be cognisant of judaism and its workings on the basic needs and desires of humans. Judaism is a method of bringing forth the hive mentality coupled with an enemy mentality for all outside the hive. 109 expulsions and you are ignorant of every one of them aren’t you? You are a product of judaic media. I bet you get your world view from T.V. don’t you? When you think of WW2 do “see” Sophie’s Choice or Shindler’s List or The Dark Night? Is that why you see Islam as a threat and can’t see the jews behind isis and all the wars fought by the U.S.and even before the U.S. existed. Do you believe 19 Muslims hijacked 4 planes on 9/11 even though some of them were not even in the U.S. and are still alive? Do you believe the jews caught under the George Washington bridge with a van filled with explosives were really Muslims? You were not even aware of that van or who was in it were you! Go look up the people I mentioned and learn about your world little one.

  19. rostit says:

    oh Joe my slow dimwitted friend. I have things that are more important to do then read about people who mean nothing to me. I will go about my day and not worry about the short shortsightedness that you prefer. I have real things to handle in life. Not fantasy.

  20. joe says:

    So some of the most pre-eminent thinkers, builders and movers and shakers of history both recent and long past are nothing to you? You have more important things to do than to become familiar with some of the most important people humanity has had to offer? Good shows on T.V. too drawing to you to waste time on history? Yeah, its me that is the dimwit!

    • rostit says:

      LOL. Yes. I always care about what other people do instead of what I do. At least you are coming to terms with your deficiencies. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  21. Sobieski says:

    In my city in southern Poland, we have an influx of Ukrainians. They are unapologetic about their Bandera heritage, despite the fact that they are living in a host nation which was a victim of their “heroes”. Most of the people I know don’t support our government policies which turn a blind eye to these OUN worshippers. The best thing is, Ukrainian prostitutes are very cheap nowadays and I’ve noticed even Ukrainian men are giving sexual favours in return for money.

  22. Q says:

    The propaganda is strong in this site. Are russians really this short-sighted and believe all this non-sense? That a bunch of coal-miners fight a professional army for over a year without the help of the fascists kremlin regime? Yeah, think again.

  23. George says:

    I do not think this war needed to happen at all. I also think it is a result of making this century “the American century”. English Russia is doing a great job of posting, with historical posts that open up ones eyes to the USSR in a new way. Also posts in today’s era that show Russia in many aspects, taking away the mystery, that makes it easy for Russia to be demonized by her detractors while still showing the good and the bad. Posts too that are fun and entertaining.Please keep up the great work English Russia!

  24. Semi Martin says:

    The Flag is the symbol of the Nation.Steppin on the flag is very bad Please watch the video below


  25. sheitan says:

    oh, just another country “liberated” by russians.
    and they wonder why all neighbors hate them.

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