12 Russian Soldiers Rehearse For The Victory Parade

Russian Soldiers Rehearse For The Victory Parade

Posted on April 26, 2015 by team

These are pictures of the Russian soldiers who participated in the rehearsal of the military parade dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in WWII, according to blogger i-korotchenko the show was very impressive. The military parade to be held on May 9, 2015 will have sixteen thousand participants.

Parade commander.

Military police.

The main military conductor.


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12 Responses to “Russian Soldiers Rehearse For The Victory Parade”

  1. Jo says:

    This is so impressive. I’ve seen the parade on YouTube, but I would love to see it in real.

    It’s good to see these handsome men smiling. From what I understand smiling is not a common thing in Russia, is that correct?

    I know the real parade is in Moscow, but where is this practice parade, and how do the soldiers get chosen to be in it? Or is it mandatory for everyone in the military to attend?

  2. Rob Normann says:

    God bless Russia and those who seeks peace.

    • ed brown says:

      Russia does not seek peace. You confuse Russia with some other country.

      • woot says:

        You are full of sh1t Ed.

      • Ron says:

        The U.S and NATO has been placing soldiers and military installations along the Russian border-countries for over a decade, and when Russia finally replies, it is THEM who are the aggressors? You are confused.

        If Russia made a military pact with Canada and Mexico and started placing military along their borders to the U.S, how long do you think a response from the U.S would take, and what do you think it would be?

        The U.S wants to isolate Russia geopolitically and economically, this is what Russia is responding to.

      • alsm74 says:

        I know, I know, it is USA and NATO, who seeks peace all around the world.

  3. john says:

    Awesome,i like watching the parade.

  4. ed brown says:

    In Russia military parades are as popular as in Nazi Germany

    • Rex says:

      Dumdumb. Over hundreds of countries around world make military parades. Here in Latvia, we will have military parade on 4th May too.
      Besides that, Russia is juridical holder of Soviet legacy, they have all right to make parade if they want, especially after losing 27 million people fighting fascists and I personally support that victory parade.

  5. Eric Maass says:

    Truly amazing display . Much to be proud of !! . A very important part of Russian history as well as the world

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