1 The Huge Drilling Platform of Sakhalin

The Huge Drilling Platform of Sakhalin

Posted on April 24, 2015 by team

“Rosneft” company has finished drilling works at the most distant oil field “Chaivo” in Sakhalin, Russia. Production well O-14 is 13 500 meters deep, the drain is 12 033 long. It took them 156 days to drill the well.

We are going to join blogger russos in his tour to the Okhotsk Sea to see how they pull oil from its bottom.

Our trip to the drilling platform begins!

Shallow marine shelf of the Okhotsk Sea.

Under project “Sakhalin-1″ recoverable reserves 307 million tons (2,3 billion barrels) of oil and 485 billion m3 of natural gas.

All of them are located at deposits “Cahivo”, “Odoptu” and “Arkutun-Dagi”.

Service ship on duty.

We have just landed on the platform.

Drilling platform “Orlan”, service and supply ships, reinforced concrete foundation of “Orlan” easily withstands the pressure of the ice and huge hummocks (some of them are high as a six-storey building).

“Orlan” platform was built in Japan in 1983-1984.

At the site where “Orlan” was installed with all working equipment the sea is fifteen meters deep.

New supply ship.

Safety goes first! Electronic devices are allowed to be used only in the accomodations.


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  1. Harold Mayo says:

    Cool shots. Love the fisheye effect on the tower cranes.

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