2 Russian North: Abandoned Military And Construction Plant

Russian North: Abandoned Military And Construction Plant

Posted on April 24, 2015 by team

We have already shown you the northernmost place of Russia – Tiksi, this time we want to focus on the installation that was left by people like many others in the settlement. It’s going to be a military-construction unit or a kingdom of rusty stuff.

Morning, everyone!

We have come to the bus stop to go to the airport…

Life comes back to this place each time when an aircraft arrives from the “big land”.

Fortunately, the polar aviation has not fully disappeared yet.

It is actually forbidden to photograph here.

We have finally approached the military unit located nearby.

And this is the first artefact.

These are for construction.

The remains of the military construction plant.

Assembly shop.

Remains of the air heater.

“Demobee from Baku”.

According to this document the unit was still in service in 2011

This probably was a diesel power station.

copper has been taken away, ferrous metal is still here, it makes no sense to take it out.

Remains of the truck fleet.

There are many new air filters here scattered around.

Ringing silence!

Another hangar…

..and the boiler inside.

Equipment dated 1985.

Thanks to blogger bu33er for the photos!


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2 Responses to “Russian North: Abandoned Military And Construction Plant”

  1. Muzzlehatch says:

    Interesting that Russian stop signs say “STOP” on them.

  2. George says:

    Old cannibalised trucks, abandoned plant equipment, decaying buildings and foundations. cool to look at, its like one of those ‘collapse of civilization’ movies.
    Is there any further use for the site? Apart from junk yard.
    Who will clean it up? Local govt. central govt. Business?

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