9 Newest Russian Military Vehicles To Be Shown At the Victory Parade

Newest Russian Military Vehicles To Be Shown At the Victory Parade

Posted on April 22, 2015 by team

Blogger i-korotchenko has shared some photos of military equipment that is going to participate in the Victory Parade on May 9, 2015 on Red Square of Moscow.The parade is an suitable occasion to show the newest achievements of Russian military technologies.

On the picture above is an armoured vehicle BTR-MDM “Rakushka” (“Shell”).

Heavily armored vehicle “Typhoon-U”.

Airborne combat vehicle BMD-4M.

Armored tracked personal carrier “Kurganets-25″.

Armoured infantry vehicle on a tracked platform “Kurganets-25″.

Infantry combat vehicle on a tracked platform “Armata”.

Tank on a heavy tracked platform “Armata”.

Self-propelled artillery system “Coalition-SV”.

Anti-aircraft weapon system “Buk-M2″.

Armored vehicle “Boomerang”.


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9 Responses to “Newest Russian Military Vehicles To Be Shown At the Victory Parade”

  1. ed brown says:

    Average pension in Russia is 15000 RUB i.e. less than $300.

    • ed brown says:

      But again, Fuel price is very Low,
      Pensioners don’t have to pay Medical bills and have discount for Electricity Bills :)

      • Darius says:

        But you do not get your taxi trip to the hospital refunded :) The pensioners and maybe also some other people (under certain conditions) do get refund for a taxi trip to hospitals in Scandinavia.

        If you want to see a good example of socialism – check the Scandinavia, especially about 20-30 years ago.

  2. ed brown says:

    Anti-aircraft weapon system “Buk-M2″.

    this is how it looks … and where is the Volvo truck?

  3. jesus says:

    i like it!! But i miss t-90….

  4. john says:

    Interesting equipment.

  5. xm3 says:

    Russ are on the dark side :(

  6. slam says:

    Really? 8-0 But in my opinion we (Russia) together with China are the last powers, that can stop satanic new world order. And USA and EU are the real dark side. If we lose, then euroscum and USbarbarians will eliminate 5-6 billions of human beings.

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