2 The Ekranoplan: A New Means of Transportation For Yakutia

The Ekranoplan: A New Means of Transportation For Yakutia

Posted on April 21, 2015 by team

… just as will the Yakut shaggy horse.

Locals will finally be able to try the blessings of civilization.

However Yakutia can be different…

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2 Responses to “The Ekranoplan: A New Means of Transportation For Yakutia”

  1. oufti pitchou says:

    Great idea from the Soviet :-)
    Can you explain why 3 blades are better than 6 in cold weather? Thanks.

    • Martinus van Brederode says:

      Perhaps the blades needed to be wider to accomodate anti-icing equipment?

      The power delivered by the propeller is, amongst others, a function of blade area. If the blades must be wider (to accomodate anti-icing features) then they need to be made shorter or their number must be reduced, otherwise they do not match the power delivered by the engine.

      If these pusher props are made shorter they become less efficient because part of them is already obstructed by the engine and the wing, so instead they decreased the number of blades.

      I could be wrong, in which case I would like to know what the real reason is ;)

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