2 Russian Weapons At the LAAD 2015 Exhibition in Rio

Russian Weapons At the LAAD 2015 Exhibition in Rio

Posted on April 20, 2015 by team

The exhibition of arms LAAD-2015 is being held in Rio de Janeiro these days. This post is about the high-accuracy weapons exhibitied there by the Tula factory (Russia), excluding firearms. Antitank and different assault weapons, artillery systems and more are inside.

Controlled high-explosive shell, “Gran”, for 120 mm mortars and controlled projectile “Krasnopol-M2″.

Controlled projectile “Krasnopol-M2″.

Assault antitank weapon “Metis-M1″,

Assault antitank weapon “Metis-M1″,

Fighting module “Bakhcha”.

Fighting module “Bakhcha”.

Anti-aircraft missile and gun system “Pantsir-S1″.

Controlled projectile “Krasnopol-M2″.

Controlled mine “Gran”.

Portable  automatic fire directional control equipment “Malachite”.

Rocket-propelled flame thrower “Shmel-M” and small grenade launcher “Bur”.

Thanks to i-korotchenko for the images!


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2 Responses to “Russian Weapons At the LAAD 2015 Exhibition in Rio”

  1. ed brown says:

    Is this a scientific or a medical equipment?

  2. ZeroDrop says:

    Medical. They are for precise surgery.

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