6 Abandoned Wood Church Built Without a Single Nail

Abandoned Wood Church Built Without a Single Nail

Posted on April 20, 2015 by team

This wooden church situated in the Saratov region of Russia was built in 1871 without a single nail, as they say. It stopped to be being used for its intended purpose in 1934 when it was transformed into a granary. Today the shabby and broken building of the church is abandoned. It stands lonely in the field being blown by the wind from all sides. Perhaps it will fall quite soon… 

Thanks to blogger neak-shadrin for the photos!


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6 Responses to “Abandoned Wood Church Built Without a Single Nail”

  1. john says:

    Sad to see history disappear into a slow death.

  2. Jo says:

    What a shame to let it just fall apart. Buildings like these are a part of history and should be preserved.

  3. Lev Tolstoy says:

    “It stopped to be being used for its intended purpose in 1934″

    Oh how much pain, suffering, anguish and tears there is, compacted into such a short, innocent-sounding, group of words.

    Close your eyes and you can see it for yourself.

    The activists arrive with the local cheka, and you find yourself, your life, your everything, swept away in the “gold wave.”

    Grubby fingers tear at the iconostasis, destroying priceless works and a whole culture disappears along with them.

    The local kolkhoz is fed with a new influx of slaves.

    Tractors roar in the darkness of night, and lives are snuffed out, one by one, in a droning, deadening, cadence of ongoing endless unstoppable death.

    Aleksandr Isayevich, of course, puts it best:

    “Dwell on the past and you’ll lose an eye.”

    But the proverb goes on to say:

    “Forget the past and you’ll lose both eyes.”

    • Aodaliya_Ren says:

      Goodness me, so many stereotypes, so much propaganda.
      Don’t close your eyes. Then you’ll see that CheKa had been disbanded 12 years before the events in this article happened. That there were no slaves in the Soviet Union. That “Aleksandr Isayevvich” was a goddamn liar and a Cold Was fraudster.

      Shake off the Cold War propaganda, for Christ’s sake !

  4. anon says:

    I believe the proverb, or a very similar one, is more something like “those who forget the past are destined to repeat it”.

    • Aodaliya_Ren says:

      Then why does the World keep turning a blind eye to the annual parades of the former Nazi in Baltic States and in Ukraine ?

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