3 Newly Painted Crosswalk on Red Square

Newly Painted Crosswalk on Red Square

Posted on April 19, 2015 by team

Yes, it’s Red Square in Moscow and it really has a crosswalk newly painted by robots specially created for housing and utility works. That’s the main difference between people and robots – the first ones will probably have any doubts if they REALLY should do something like this. But robots will do everything required by the command. They get provided with brooms, shovels, pails full of paint and do the job.

By the way, Red Square is a Unesco World Heritage Site, and the authorities have to preserve its image.

The same place in 1963.


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3 Responses to “Newly Painted Crosswalk on Red Square”

  1. Donald Schmitt says:

    No individuality in Russia. Notice how everyone is careful to use the crosswalk.

  2. Jon says:

    We could use a little less “individuality” in the US. Glasgow Scotland has the worst jaywalkers in the world IMO.

  3. Tshuhna says:

    Do they walk on crosswalks?

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