18 Never Finished Crimean Nuclear Power Plant

Never Finished Crimean Nuclear Power Plant

Posted on April 16, 2015 by team

The Crimean NPP was closed more than twenty five years ago and many questions remained unanswered.. Why was it closed? Why was it built? Why in the Crimea? Why did they reject the 80% finished project if they had spent 750 million rubles (as per 1984)? Maybe it was because of the Chernobyl catastrophe?

The Crimea has serious problems with electricity today and this NPP could solve them..


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18 Responses to “Never Finished Crimean Nuclear Power Plant”

  1. Alain says:

    Crimea had no power problems until March 2014. Now, it has power problems. Guess why ?

    Also, Crimea had no water problems until March 2014. Now, it has water problems. Guess why ?

    I personally guess that Khruschev was more sober than most Russians today…

    • Froggy says:

      Crimea had no water problems until March 2014. Now, it has water problems. Guess why ?

      Because Ukraine built a dam cutting-off the canal bringing Dnieper water supply in order to ruin Crimea’s agricultural production.
      Not even Kiev denies it. I thought you knew Alain ?

      • Alain says:

        Come on Froggy : the reaction of Kiev is perfectly normal. Until the annexation is ended (or settled correctly, regarding the international law), Kiev is right to dictate its own conditions on electricity and water furniture to occupied territories… If I were them, I’d even make Russia pay the same amount for water and electricity than Ukraine has to pay for Russian gas…

        I see that Khrushchev was even more sober than you :)

        • Froggy says:

          It is all but normal actually & in fact contrary to UN charter.

          You can not compare the water with the gaz situation or you are missing a big difference :

          The Crimean authorities (Russia) were paying the bills in full & on time, unlike the Ukrainian who where not paying theirs.

          Gazprom has never refused to supply gaz to Ukraine, they just want to stop the thief & received the payments that Kiev owed them .

          Whereas with the water issue, it is not a money or price dispute, Kiev is simply making an attempt to destroy the agriculture of Crimea to punish Crimeans for voting so massively in favour of partition.

          • Alain says:

            The thief is Russia. Seems you forget all the companies in Crimea who have been stolen by Russians. Also in Donbass. Even people who voted for annexion were shocked by what they witnessed. But no real wonder, given the background of Sergei “Goblin” Aksionov, the “president” of Crimea…

            So, yes, Kiev can punish Crimea. And is perfectly in its right, until the situation is settled in front of international courts…

            Khruschchev was definitely more sober than you…

            • Froggy says:

              The main thief was actually the European Union darling Yulia Tymoshenko that the Ukrainian booed of stage on Maidan …

              Anyway, the dam is still illegal according to the UN …

              BTW is “Khruschchev was definitely more sober than you…” your new catch phrase when you are running out of valid arguments ??

              If so, since you will need to use it a lot , the correct English form is “Soberer” not more “more sober” :-)

              Have a nice Week-end !

              • Alain says:

                I have seen about the dam, but nothing about the UN position about it. I’ll be delighted to read about it.

                Regarding “soberer” : it is “technically” correct, although “more sober” is although “more sober” is much more widely used as it seems :)

                Regarding dear Yulia : she was definitely a thief among the thieves and definitely deserved booing about even thinking about coming back (a bit like Sarkozy, our own failed thief). But what Russia stole with Crimea is much, much, much more valuable than anything previously, as it amounts in tens of billions of euros. Goblin can easily compare to her, and would win hands-up. Only thief in chief Putin and some of his croonies are better than him :)

                Have a nice WE too. Time to go…

                • Alain says:

                  “Although “more sober” is much more widely used as it seems” :)

                • Froggy says:

                  It is a crime under the UN chapter 2 to deprive a country from water .

                  • Alain says:

                    Ok. Thanks. And annexation is forbidden by UN charter. So 1-1, they are evens :)

                    If Khrushchev “gave” Crimea to Ukraine, it was not only a view of mind. It was mainly because everything links Crimea to Ukraine, starting with economic dependency… Now, it’s up to Russia to negotiate with Ukraine the price of its foolhardy action…

                    • Froggy says:

                      “If Khrushchev “gave” Crimea to Ukraine it was mainly because everything links Crimea to Ukraine” Alain … not even the Ukrainians themselves believe that non-sense.

                      Anyway , one of the corner stone of UN principles enshrine in the UN charter is also the right to self-determination :
                      Crimean people voted overwhelmingly in favour … 97 % I seem to remember.

                      Anyway, only fools still believe this crisis is about Crimean or Donbass.

  2. mark says:

    Alain’s brain has no Power At All !!!

    Criticality reached…

  3. kraken says:

    Funky double crane :)

  4. Slaven says:

    Gerard you are illiterate. The reason was probably the crisis in economy which gorbachev finally ruined.

  5. Alain says:

    Froggy, come on : 90% of electricity, 90% of water, most food, 100% of roads and 100% of trains come from Ukraine. And that’s still not enough for you to link Crimea with Ukraine it seems. Now that the peninsula is de facto an island cut from all this, we’ll see how it’ll survive…

    Regarding the corner stone of UN principle, indeed. But the right to self-determination is subject to rules, including the first one : not under the menace of weapons from a third country.

    And you are right on the last thing : this crisis is not about Crimea or Donbass. It is about a paranoid kleptocrat who cannot stand a bad example (to his eyes) for his people at its door. So it will indeed not end until a long time…

  6. Alain says:

    Oh, also, by the way, Froggy : I am sure you have a good explanation for the “self determination” argument and Chechnya in 1992 :)

  7. M4RCO says:

    Kraken,that funky double crane is most likely a Kroll 10000


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