1 Adorable Seal Cub Met By a Lucky Photographer

Adorable Seal Cub Met By a Lucky Photographer

Posted on April 15, 2015 by team

It’s not difficult to see an adult seal in Baikal, Russia. This land is full of seals. But to see a seal cub is very lucky!  Usually they are very timid, do not like people to be around. But blogger alexphotograph has managed not only to come close but to take these adorable images as well. And please do not worry, everything is okay with the baby!


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  1. Soviet Samurai says:

    Putin kills 100s of these creatures a day and drinks their blood in order to sustain his lifeforce. Please help Obama in this engineered war for one world government so that Ukranians and Russians kill each other. There can be only one!

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