1 A New Villa Community In Sochi Gets Plundered

A New Villa Community In Sochi Gets Plundered

Posted on April 15, 2015 by team

This villa community in Veseloye-Psou of the Adler district was built for the people who were displaced for the Olympics in Sochi. There are 79 houses here, only 20 are occupied, while others are regularly plundered. The construction of the community was finished in 2011 and since then the houses have never been guarded. All valuable stuff is taken away, doors and windows get broken, youngsters arrange noisy parties there…

The administration does not give these houses to those who really need them, keeps saying there is no vacant housing in the city.


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  1. awesome says:

    It must be in the middle of nowhere or well guarded… Otherwise even wires would be teared out of the walls.

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