25 Ukrainian War Exhibition in Moscow: More Details

Ukrainian War Exhibition in Moscow: More Details

Posted on April 13, 2015 by team

We have already published the post about the new interesting exhibition devoted to the war in Ukraine, but this one is more detailed so deserved to be shown as well.

Blogger zyalt has also visited the exhibition of material evidence and took his own pictures. They have really brought many things from hot zones in Ukraine even including the real full-size stele that used to stand at the entrance to Debaltsevo city. A curious fact: according to blogger Ilya Varlamov (zyalt) today it’s the only exhibition in Moscow guarded by police.



“Lugansk republic”.


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25 Responses to “Ukrainian War Exhibition in Moscow: More Details”

  1. Alain says:

    Nice idea to show Russian people the results of their war on Ukrainian territory…

    • alsm74 says:

      Its ukies trying to eliminate Russians, who is living in Novorossia. Almost 1000000 refugies run from ukraine to Russia for the last 12 months. If ukrainian nazies hate Lenin so mach and destroying his monuments every week, then why they do not give back the territories, Lenin presented in 1922, together with Kharkov region?

    • Yuri says:

      The result of war on Ukrainian territory is destruction of the mind in your head.

      • Alain says:

        I see that Putin’s propaganda is working well on feeble minds. Just have a trip in Ukraine and you’ll see for yourself that everything is false (except for the monuments to Lenin) : seems the decommunisation of minds have not been finished with the end of USSR. Russia has a brighter history out of communism, and should focus on it instead of a regime which killed millions of people.

        Ukraine is not the first to remove its Lenins. Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia, Albania, etc. All did it. For the same reasons as Ukraine :) Ready to invade them back ?

        About the 1 millions refugees : according to more reliable sources (UNHCR to be precise), there are no more than 30000 currently :) We are far from 1 million, and many of those who went to Russia in the last months are back in Ukraine. Do they love fascism ? ;)

        • alsm74 says:

          Official data of Russian migration service is 820000 at 01.04.2015. Only in Rostov region – more than 50000 refuges from ukraine.

          • Alain says:

            I don’t know why, but I tend to believe more a neutral source (UNHCR) than Russian propaganda… There is one thing on which you may be right, as I dug a bit more : 30000 in Rostov only. On the remaining territory, it is seemingly impossible to number out the refugees. Again, according to the UNHCR. Which means half your (propaganda-given) number for Rostov. So let’s say it’s half for all Russia : we are at 410000. Which is less than half the million Yuri gave. Where are the 600000 missing ? Back in the land of fascism ? :D

            I guess all the other countries who destroyed their own Lenins are also fascists ? When you don’t love the murderers of millions of people, you are fascist. So I understand your way of thinking. Thanks a lot :)

            • alsm74 says:

              I do not care about Lenin (jew financed by US bankers) or about his monuments, I just want to say, that it was unfair and it was only will of Lenin, to give inhabited by Russians russian territories to ukraine. Now, instead let Donbass people make free choice, some of the ukies want to make the scorched earth in Donbass and kill everyone, who did not flee.

              • Alain says:

                I like when Putin supporters show their true face of anti-semites (the ultimate step of nazism) :)

                Seems also you forget about when Russia took out Kuban from Ukraine (majority of Ukrainians there until 1932 and Holodomor) :)

                Also that the territories you say where “inhabited by Russians” were in fact formerly inhabited by Ukrainians, who were killed by Russian foremost…

                But History is seemingly not a pro-Putin strength…

                • Alain says:

                  Now, I’ll tell you : I’d prefer indeed that Donbass leaves out Ukraine altogether. Would be better for everybody. But it should be done a real, democratic way. Something Russia does not know…

                • alsm74 says:

                  Why I shold not be anti-semit? It was jews, who made holocaust in Russia 3 times only in 20th century.
                  There was no any state like “ukraine” untill 1917. Kuban cossacks moved from Dnepr to Kuban by Ekatherine the Great in the end of 18th century.
                  You liar, untill the 18th century it was an emty territory, were cossacks and Russians fought against Osmans turks and Crimean tatars.
                  Say “killed by jewish bolshevik power”, and you will be right. 3 main murderers in 1932-33: lazar kaganovich, yankel gamarnik and ganah ieguda.

                  • Alain says:

                    Thanks a lot for being anti-semite : you help a lot discredit Putin’s politics.

                    With friends like you, Putin does not need enemies :D

        • Yuri says:

          Damn! The phrase: “Propaganda is working well on feeble minds” – most accurately characterizes all your comments! You are terribly incompetent.

          • Alain says:

            I don’t give a damn about your judgement, in fact. As you may have not noticed, the situation in Ukraine is terrible, because no one wants to listen to the arguments of the others. You, as much as me. And it will not change any soon.

            At least, I am not a blind follower of a nostalgic of an ideology which killed millions… I like Russia for many other reasons, but certainly not this one.

        • Froggy says:

          Alain, You don’t make sense at all : The UNHCR figure is 1 million … Even the Ukraine’s Ministry of Social Policy published a numbered of 980,000 displaced people.

  2. Froggy says:

    Or the USA sponsored aggression on the civilians of the Donbass region ?

    The way the CIA financed militias started breaking the cease firing last week to bomb Donetsk airport (well what is left of it) this exhibition is unfortunately not going to run out of new exhibits…

    • Alain says:

      “Without Russian soldiers, the war in Donbass would have ended long ago.”
      Igor Strelkov

      • Alain says:


        Sincerelly Asshole called Alain….

        • Alain says:

          An you are also a trou du cul who doesn’t know its name and is unable to post anything under it. Too ashamed seemingly. And it also seems you don’t like truth ;)

          Oh, and by the way, like 20% of Russian people (at least), I love Russia. And I feel deeply sorry about what is happening now. That’s not the Russia I, and these 26 millions of people, do love… Loving Russia is not necessarily blessing Putin’s war and mad acts…

      • Froggy says:

        ” Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Lainez confirmed : the training will help the Ukraine government develop its National Guard to conduct internal defense operations.”

        After USD 75 Mio of military equipment provided, the USA, British & Canadians are currently deploying troops in Ukraine to train not the army but the National guard which is made up of the openly nazi Anzov & Aidar batallions.

      • Yuri says:

        Yah, and hundreds thousands of Donbass people would have killed and placed in a concentration camp.

  3. Alain says:

    “Without Russian soldiers, the war in Donbass would have ended long ago.” Igor Strelkov

    Nothing more to say…

    • Froggy says:

      Strelkov is specifically referring to private inviduals, like he is, that volunteer to the Donbass .

      That is happening on both sides & does not imply government intervention, unlike the US & UK’ s troops. For exemple, find French volunteers are fighting on both sides, some for the Novorosya, some for Kiev’s national guard and does not means the French Gvt is sending troops.

      True, you are right, without manipulating the truth you indeed have nothing more to say …

  4. sheitan says:

    of course, it is well known that the soldiers of any army in this world are free to go in vacation, taking the tanks and artillery with them, like the russian soldiers are doing it.
    which russian soldiers, if my memory serves me right, ARE NOT ALOUD TO HAVE VACATIONS ABROAD lately!
    just ask the nice russian ladies going in vacation in Montenegro alone, since the husbands are forbidden to leave the country.

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