1 Lunokhod: Most Reliable Vehicle In the Universe

Lunokhod: Most Reliable Vehicle In the Universe

Posted on April 13, 2015 by team

Fully autonomous Moonwalker or Lunokhod can function without refueling for a year, it has a self-repaired suspension for any type of terrain and climate control stabilizing the temperature. We could call it the transport of future but it was created in 1969. The first model had travelled its warranty mileage thrice and didn’t have a single failure. If no other intelligent life exists in the Universe this vehicle can be surely called the most reliable in the universe.

As for Amercans, they had their Lunar Rover repaired on the Moon twice. If the Soviet one would fail, there wouldn’t be anyone to fix it – the crew was 400 thousand kilometers away…

The USSR chose its own way of studying other worlds. It sent a robot-researcher instead of a man to the moon.

In order that robot could do everything right it needed its own vehicle. The main problem was to create a chassis. The military engineers chose an ordinary wheel and refused tracked, rolling, walking and jumping undercarriage.

It had to be universal and exclude any probability of the Lunokhod being stuck because nobody would be able to push it. It also had to be reliable on slopes. Wheels were the most efficient mover and the proper choice for Lunokhod. Besides the number of wheels could be varied if necessary.  For example to reduce the soil bearing pressure and to increase the service life of the vehicle.


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  1. Vesse says:

    You guys haven’t heard of Opportunity rover which is still operational on Mars? It’s already exceeding 10 years of planned operation time.

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