8 Giant Arch Constructed at the Chernobyl NPP

Giant Arch Constructed at the Chernobyl NPP

Posted on April 13, 2015 by team


You have seen many things from the notorious Chernobyl past. But these are new objects being constructed at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant these very days –  the Shelter and the Arch. Right now you may join us and virtually walk along the site.


General view of the object.


One may get to the place by electric train. Soon we find ourselves in the decontamination center that has two zones – the clean and contaminated ones. Visitors leave their clothes in the clean zone and then through the corridor they go to the contaminated one where they have to put work clothes on.


Here we should take dosimeters.


Electronic dosimeters have to be activated.


Then we have to go out and take a bus. The area of the station is rather big.


“Shelter” object.


Turning to the site of the Arch assembly.


This is it.


“Shelter” object  can be seen on the left.


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8 Responses to “Giant Arch Constructed at the Chernobyl NPP”

  1. Alain says:

    “Yes, the Russian language is not forbidden yet.” : so you are purposely participating to Russian propaganda ? Russian language is forbidden nowhere in Ukraine. And will never be. Contrary to what Russia wants everybody to believe…

  2. Doktorskaya says:

    A little known fact.

    A large serving of whiskey or rum, a good radioprotector.

    You can take one liter of wine.
    Half of the entrance to the area.
    Half after the visit.

    Naturally a good snack.

  3. Kecap Manis says:

    I think this structure is supposedly the second sarcophagus to cover the first sarcophagus over the exploded reactor no.4. The expected lifetime of the first sarcophagus is 30 years, and now 20 years has passed. I think I saw a video somewhere showing the first sarcophagus is in bad state, leaking, rusting, and basically crumbling down slowly. I hope they finished the structure in time. Enough pain for Ukrainian, Belorussia, and Russia people.

    • Claudio says:

      Your commentary is correct, the first sarcophagus was soon constructed and have weaks. This second has a 100 years of expected lifetime. Unfortunately, the nuclear combustible was welding on the reactor and is not recoverable.

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