0 The World Biggest Source of Amber

The World Biggest Source of Amber

Posted on April 12, 2015 by team

Do you know where amber is taken from? Do you know that people have been extracting amber for fifty million years? It all began in the paleogene period with the extreme rise of temperature. Heat and high humidity turned the planet into a botanical garden full of amazing plants emitting resin through bark. Oxidizing bark got hardened and became the part of the “amber forest”.

Today the “fruits” of “amber forests” are gathered in eleven places of the world. The biggest source of sunstone is located in Russia, in the Kaliningrad region. According to experts 90% of all global amber reserve is concentrated here.

We are in Yantarniy (Amber) settlement of the Kaliningrad region. The first industrial company for amber extraction was founded here in 1871 as well as two mines which are are already closed. Today amber is mainly extracted in the Primorsky quarry.


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