2 Easter Bells Are Ringing With Joy

Easter Bells Are Ringing With Joy

Posted on April 12, 2015 by team

During the Bright Week everyone may go up to the belfry of St. Daniel Monastery in Moscow to listen to the melodies of the best Russian ringers, enjoy the panoramas opening from the height.

Bell ringing is an old Easter tradition just like a sacred procession, eggs painting, making Easter cakes and Easter greeting. Those who have mastered the art of bell ringing are allowed to try their skills on such a day at belfries of the country.

There are approximately 600 belfries in Old and New Moscow. Each has a unique set of bells, its own history and legends.

For example, at the belfry of Ivan the Great in the Moscow Kremlin is a Big Uspenskiy Bell whose mass is 66 tonnes!

The unique melodies are formed at this stage, the stage of casting the bell when they add bronze and tin to molten copper. Masters have their own secrets of proportions. If the content of tin is increased the sound will be duller, but the “skirt” of the bell will be more fragile, it may crack from a strong hit.


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  1. Clint says:

    Hope you guy’s and your family’s have a safe easter.

  2. Matt T says:

    Nice Shirt. “I don’t need sex. The government fucks me every day”

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