0 Cold and Hopeless, But Still A Populated Place

Cold and Hopeless, But Still A Populated Place

Posted on April 12, 2015 by team

The settlement we are going to show you is located in a cold Russian region of Chukotka and called “Snezhnoye” which means “Snowy”. Blogger Eugeny Basov says it’s not the place you’d wish to come back to.

Snezhnoye was founded in 1929 when Soviet activists opened the first state farm in Chukotka. Many professionals were sent to work there, the farm had over twenty thousand head of deer.


Snezhnoye shown on the map.

The settlement stands on the river Anadyr. Locals wait for summer to start fishing.

Provisions for winter.

Anadyr river.

Everything was wrecked in the 1990s, the settlement was deprived of financing, specialists left the place, houses started to decay, the farm of Snezhnoye was reorganized to join another, luckier state farm.


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