4 Life In The Moldavian Countryside

Life In The Moldavian Countryside

Posted on April 11, 2015 by team

This post is about life in the Moldavian countryside, about ordinary villagers who work hard to the benefit of the country’s economy. Blogger 3boi has visited some of them and found that the people are thinking of upcoming elections in autumn 2015, they actually have a choice, to be with Europe or with Russia. Young people mostly tend to look west, older ones tend to support pro-Russian politics. In fact the results of the elections are already known, but it’s hard to say how they will change the life of these villagers. Perhaps, no matter what, they still will be hospitable and cheerful. They cook tasty food and drink wine instead of water, it’s a part of their culture, it’s going to remain unchanged.

Tourism is not developed in Moldavia, but the country has good cuisine and beautiful places. The populations speaks Russian well.

They visit each other and talk about harvest or some upcoming events.

Wells are a cult in Moldavia, the country has plenty of them.

“Moldavia is my Motherland!”

Checking if the drink is strong enough. They will have a holiday soon.

Due to the sanctions imposed by Russia. Moldovian  wine is not sold anymore, so they have of wine now.

Corn is to feed domestic animals.

They live a modest life but always offer the best to their guests.

Their wine is good and delicious.

Why do you think the hands are so dirty as if in soot? They are harvesting walnuts whose hulls have to be removed. The shells are highly iodinated.

Most of these people are pious believers and celebrate all religious holidays.

It’s hard to say what transportation they use more, horses or cars.

Preparing barrels for making wine.

In the cellar.


Icons are everywhere.

Moonshine still.

This one is venomous.

Celebration in the village.

People are dacing and having much fun. The atmosphere is really friendly.

The improvised stage right inside the bus stop.

Old people live mostly like this…

They use many products made in Moldova.

That’s another life – of those who work abroad. Mainly in Russia or Italy.

Clay floors are splashed with water and swept with a broom.

Each family makes its own special wine.

Summer kitchen.

At night the sky is awesome!

The man has come to the shop for food .

Hominy has always been considered to be the food for poor people but they don’t make it often now – shops have a big variety of products. Hominy is made from corn, salt and water, but with a string.

Graves of unknown Romanian soldiers.

Thanks to 3boi for the pictures!


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4 Responses to “Life In The Moldavian Countryside”

  1. Jon says:

    I might enjoy living there. They make their own fun and socialize with each other. Those are mostly lost social functions in the US

  2. john says:

    Interesting, a hard life, for sure , but a healthy one.

  3. Mamaliga says:

    That’s not hominy, it’s polenta. The former is made with bleached maize.

  4. Kecap Manis says:

    They know how to enjoy what they have.

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