5 Final Hours of Yuri Gagarin Before the First Flight to Space

Final Hours of Yuri Gagarin Before the First Flight to Space

Posted on April 11, 2015 by team

The rocket was delivered to the launching site on April 11, at 5 a.m. They had previously done everything they had to according to the instructions. All responsible persons put their signatures in the log under description of every operation and kept saying “not to speak too soon but I have no remarks”.

At 1 p.m. Yuri Gagarin met soldiers, sergeants and officers, some representatives of the production sector. He delivered a short but good inspiring speech and thanked everyone for the work they had done to make the start possible.

Sergey Korolev was the one who insisted on the meeting that became a good tradition for cosmonauts prior to their flights.

After the meeting they went to the so-called “marshal’s house” (where marshal Nedelin used to regularly stay) to spend a night before the start.

Yuri had a nourishing but not very tasty dinner from tubes in the marshal’s house. Each tube had 160 grams of food: sorrel puree with meat, meat paste, chocolate sauce. Yuri felt good. Pressure – 115/60, pulse – 64, temperature – 36,8. They applied sensors to his body to check the physiological functions in his organizm for 1 hour 20 minutes but it didn’t make him upset.

Yura liked Russian songs very much, the cassete-recorder was playing non-stop. His mind was absolutely in peace, he didn’t worry at all.

Yuri had thought his and German’s chances for the first flight were equal, he was really happy to know he was the chosen one.

They had to plan the following day. It would take Yuri 1,5 hours to fly around the Earth but the cosmonaut would enter the ship two hours before the start. Such systems was not perfect and worried Korolev and doctors. They tried to reduce the waiting time at least to 1 hour 30 minutes but it didn’t work. The technical operations required much time. Closing the hatch and withdrawal of the load would take an hour, checking the spacesuit, communication and equipment of the ship would need twenty minutes more.

The waiting period was a nervous necessity for the cosmonaut, they tried to raise his spirits by radio conversations.

At 9:30 p.m. Yura was visited by Korolev who came to say goodnight. Yura and German talked about something before they fell asleep. The next day would have to be a great day for all the humanity…

Early in the morning on April 12.

At 5 in the morning they started to fuel the spaceship.

At 5:30 Yuri Gagaring and German Titov were awakened by colonel of medical service Eugeny Karpov.

At 6 a.m. there was held a short meeting of the state commission. All reports were concluded by the permissions to fly.

A medical vehicle comes to the site, food is brought to the ship.


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5 Responses to “Final Hours of Yuri Gagarin Before the First Flight to Space”

  1. john says:

    Great posting, nice piece of history.A brave man.

  2. ed brown says:

    There is no proof that Gagarin really was in space.
    No independent confirmation, no photos.
    We have to trust Soviet information, which is strange since we know that Russians lied many times before and after about almost everything

    • javox says:

      i guess it work same with nasa right? the proof that we have about goin to the moon have so many contradictions, but of course most of ppl belive it coz they belive about USA is the country of freedom blablabla

      • ed brown says:

        There are plenty of evidences about American space program.
        There are no contradictions. All these so called “contradictions” were explained and debunked many times.
        Russian space program has much fewer documental evidences.
        No high-quality photos or videos. Gagarin could have made a selfie of himself while on the orbit or could have made a high-resolution photograph of the Earth to prove that he has actually traveled into space. Where are Gagarin-in-space photos?

  3. mark says:

    ed brown is just a Russophobic Gay !

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