0 The Museum of Northern Fleet Aviation

The Museum of Northern Fleet Aviation

Posted on April 10, 2015 by team

Blogger foxphoto has visited Murmansk, Russia, and its Museum of Northern Fleet Aviation in Safonovo. Today we are going to show you the photos of military vehicles he managed to take there. An interesting bonus is the house of Yuri Gagarin.

The Museum of Northern Fleet aviation.

Here is that very house of Gagarin, it was brought to the museum from Korzunovo where he had his service in fighter aviation regiment 169.

Yuri Gagarin and his wife shared the house with a family of another lieutenant. A small kitchen, a corridor, a small room and a toilet, nothing more. The interior of the room was restored from information provided by Yuri’s wife and according to pictures, however the things are not original.

Yuri was flying to the polar region using the same MiG-15.

U-2 at the entrance to the hangar.

Hydroplane MRB-2.

I-16 is the most popular fighter of the Red Army in the beginning of the war.

I-153 was aready out-of-date by the time when the war began, it was used as a light attack plane for ground targets.

SB-2M, the propellers are not original. In the 90s the museum lost much valuable stuff – a lot of equipment were plundered, some exhibits were sent to the west (remains of Ju-87, for example). Today Ju-87 found under Murmansk is exhibited in the Technical Museum of Berlin. Things got even worse when the roof of the museum collapsed because of heavy snow and many aircraft were destroyed.


Many of the vehicles still need to be restored. Original rusty parts found in the mountains of the polar region were simply covered with tin sheets, we do not blame the museum workers – they have done what they could based on poor financing.

“Hurricane” that was used as an air defence fighter to oppose bombers.


Yak-9, Yak-7.

Il-4T, two planes have been assembled from four craft found on Kola peninsular. One of them was starring in a movie.

Legendary Il-2.

Bomber Il-28.



Cruise missile KSR-5N was fixed under the wing of Tu-16, it could be provided with a warhead.

Soviet “drone” La-17MM was used as a target.

Antisubmarine helicopter Mi-4M.



Yak-38 was used for Soviet thrillers.

Near the hangar some tanks are exhibited.

This one is “Sherman” lifted from the vehicle wrecked by a German submarine near the Kola Bay.

Our thanks to foxphoto for the pictures from the museum!


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