1 Koenigsberg Invasion by Soviet Troops 70 Years Ago

Koenigsberg Invasion by Soviet Troops 70 Years Ago

Posted on April 10, 2015 by team

Precisely 70 years ago, on April 9, 1945 Soviet troops, acting under the East-Prussian operation, conquered Koenigsberg. This set of photographs is dedicated to that very event.

On the image above are Soviet artillerymen (April 4,1945 – April 8,1945).

“Let’s wipe the German forts of Koenigsberg off the map“.

Soviet commander G. Zakharov and pilots. 1945.

One of the forts, 1945.

Entranchment near Koenigsberg, 1945.

Soviet infantry unit is passing the destroyed settlement not far from Koenigsberg. January 30, 1945. East Prussia.

Soviet rockets in firing position. 1945.

Heavy artillery piece in firing position in Koenigsberg, April 1945.

Transporting artillery shells to Koenigsberg.

Soviet soldier with a shell saying “Beat Koenigsberg“.

Soviet infantry in a battle.

Soviet self-propelled vehicles are attacking the enemy positions under Koenigsberg.

Soviet guardsman has just broken in a building of Koenigsberg during the attack of the city. 1945.

Streets of Koenigsberg after the Soviet invasion.

Heroes of the Soviet Union awarded for their participation in the battles in East Prussia.

Soviet sappers demining the streets of the city.

Soviet soldiers at the German railway artillery range. 1945. Germany.

Fighting the enemy at Frisch Nerung, 1945. East Prussia.

Soviet sappers demining the streets with help of dogs.

“Germany” sign in the street of the ruined German city. East Prussia.

Soviet soldiers in a battle for the railway line Konigsberg - Fishhauzen. 1945.

Mortar detachment near Pilau city. 1945. East Prussia.

Soviet heavy weapons moving along the street in East Prussia. 1945.

Soviet soldiers, April 1945.

Elbing city and the Elbing river. February 17, 1945.

German ship wrecked by Soviet troops in Elbing.

Belorussian tanks in Elbing.

Elbing citizens coming back home after the battles. February 1945.

Soviet artillery crew at Frisch Nerung, East Prussia.

After the victorious battle at Frisch Nerung.

Soviet commanders at a map.

Checking the shells used for fighting from Su-76.

Velowe city (Znamensk).

Belorussian soldiers.

Soviet trucks in Els.

In Tilsit (Sovetsk).

Hohenstein occupied by Belorussian troops.

Belorussian soldiers in Insterburg. February, 1945.


Soviet troops are passing the monument erected at the tomb of M.I. Kutuzov’s heart on the square of Buntslau. March 17, 1945.

Soviet gunmen in Glogau.

Occupied Willenberg.

Ukrainian artillery in Neisse. April 1945.

Escorting German captives in Kenigsberg.

Soviet commanders.

Preparing for the operation in Kenigsberg.


Belorussian soldiers attack the enemy in Kenigsberg.

Not far from Kenigsberg.

Destroyed Jagdpanzer IV/70 (to the left) and Sd.Kfz.7 in Kenigsberg.

Soviet soldiers next to German 150 mm infantry howitzers sIG 33 in Steile Strasse Street of Kenigsberg.

Ready to attack the forts in Kenigsberg.

Abandoned German weapons in Kenigsberg.

88 mm anti-aircraft weapon FlaK 36/37.

Self-propelled artillary weapon “Zveroboy”.

Soviet infantry.

German prisoners.

Soviet soldiers sleeping after the battles.

German refugees.

Destroyed German 150 mm weapon “Hummel”.

Soviet tanks approaching Kenigsberg.

Destroyed assault gun StuG III.

Destroyed German artillery battery.


Antitank structures in Kenigsberg.

German trenches in Kenigsberg.

Destroyed fire position.


Self-propelled artillery weapon StuG III Ausf.

The city after the assault.

Soviet soldier in a German armoured troop carrier Sdkfz 250.

German military equipment.

Howitzer le.F.H.18/40.

German captives.

Soviet officers are watching one of the forts.

German captives.

Soviet soldiers with a Red flag on the shore of the Baltic Sea. East prussia, 1945.

Toasting the victory.


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