1 The Stalagmite Tunnels In Samara

The Stalagmite Tunnels In Samara

Posted on April 9, 2015 by team

The tunnels of Samara are referred to as Sokskiye tunnels because they used to belong to the Sokskiy quarry (they quarried limestone here in the 40-60s). The work was done by convicts, all the exits were enclosed with barbed wire. Today the tunnels are abandoned.

The photos and the story are taken from blogger mamlas.

This is the quarry itself. It had been blasted so many times they ran out of explosives..

Probably nobody plans to restore the soil in this place. The quarry “ate” the mountain and divided the tunnels into two separate systems. We are going to show you the second one. It is shorter but has stalagmites.


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