4 Highly Secret Soviet Object In The Center of the Aral Sea

Highly Secret Soviet Object In The Center of the Aral Sea

Posted on April 9, 2015 by team

One of the most secret Soviet objects was closed by a decree of Boris Yeltsin twenty-three years ago. It was situated in a remote region of the country that used to be huge – on the island in the center of the Aral Sea.

The island had a complex that was used for creation and testing one of the most barbaric weapons – biological ones. Many years are gone as well as the Aral Sea and the island… but that ground is still there as a ghost.

A Kazakh journalist and blogger Grogoriy Bedenko shared unique materials from his own archive uncovering the phenomenon of object “Aralsk-7″.

Here’s one of the most popular photos of the ground on Vozrozhdeniya Island taken by an American recon satellite KH-9.

This is how the Aral Sea looked like in the 1960s. The red arrow points Vozrozhdeniya Island, its area was 260 square kilometers then, it was isolated from any life by the large size of the sea.


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4 Responses to “Highly Secret Soviet Object In The Center of the Aral Sea”

  1. Les. Hayward says:

    A most interesting report! Well done.

  2. john says:

    Interesting.and scary at the same time.

  3. Ron says:

    The U.S paid millions of dollars to go there and collect any remaining samples, as late as 1998? It’s funny how they denounce the use of chemical weapons, when it’s obvious they are researching it themselves.

    • Mike says:

      Well, yeah, it’s no big secret they do. You have to research WMDs to defend against them. Your enemies invest in chemical warfare, you invest in gas mask research. They research nerve toxins, you invest in antiagents. Threat/counter-action isn’t hard to understand.

      Besides, even if the U.S. kept up research into offensive chemical/biological weapons, it’s nowhere near what the the Soviets invested in it (in secret, despite signing agreements not to).

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