3 On Duty With Patrol Guards

On Duty With Patrol Guards

Posted on April 6, 2015 by team

Several bloggers were invited to join Moscow patrol guards and private security agents at work on the night from January 30th-31st. The place of duty was Yuzhnoye Butovo district whose population is 250 thousand people. We will join e-strannik blogger and see how it was going…

The shift of policemen starts at 9 p.m., but they have to be there half an hour earlier. They get information about the current situation in the city.

Supervisors have to sign in the logbook before going to a hand-to-hand fight briefing.

They do the moves almost automatically.

Getting safety equipment and weapons.

Probably they won’t need this but have it just in case.

At the moment of leaving the police department they already had four addresses where people needed help: a buyer threatening employees at the tobacco shop, a riot, a domestic disturbance in someone’s apartment.. We will focus on the last one.

The last address in the list was a hypermarket “Victoria” – a drunk man (a very friendly one, with a black eye) was choosing an evening drink and unintentionally broke eight bottles of vodka…The employees called the police.

The poor man was taking it harder than the shop employees…

After checking all the addresses the crew went to three metro stations and gave their mobile number to local subway poliecemen. In fact telephone remains the only means of communication that provides confidentiality. No transmitters and receivers can compare…

They get the second call from the parents of the perpetrator who has already been visited. When they came first he behave adequately, promised to take a nap… But he didn’t. He didn’t want to stop the party, so they finally had to take him to the police office.

On the way he promised to kill them all, as if he was a “kingpin” crowned in Butyrka prison…


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  1. ed brown says:

    Russian police is very corrupt. One of the worst in the world.

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